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vExpo is available for use by the Canada School of Public service (CSPS), partner departments, and other Government of Canada (GC) organizations to support larger-scale events. Below is a list of criteria used to determine if vExpo is a good fit for hosting your event.

Criteria for using vExpo (must meet all criteria)

  • Large-scale event (i.e. conference) with a minimum 1,000 anticipated participants.
  • Event duration is 4 hours or more, and includes breaks.
  • Event includes one or more activities that require participant interaction (e.g. breakout sessions, workshops, networking).
  • Event program includes dedicated time for participants to visit virtual kiosks.

Priority will be given to events that are:

  • hosted by CSPS and partner departments, including central agencies;
  • targeted to a GC-wide audience;
  • aligned with GC priorities; and
  • high profile.

Given the high demand for vExpo, please make sure your event meets the criteria above before submitting a request for a vExpo.

Request a vExpo

IMPORTANT: Due to high demands, make sure to review the list of criteria (above) and the roles and responsibilities (download Word file) before sending your request. Your request will be reviewed and considered based on priority, existing commitments and timelines.

To request a vExpo, fill out the vExpo Request Submission Form (download Word file) and send it by email to csps.digitalacademyvexpo-vexpodelacademiedunumerique.efpc@csps-efpc.gc.ca.