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July 9 1:30pm Eastern

Speaking order: Alex, Amanda, Ben, Etienne, Heather, Linda, Nat, Helen (moderator)


  1. (Helen) To caucus or not to caucus https://chelseatroy.com/2018/03/29/why-do-remote-meetings-suck-so-much/ - 10 minutes
  2. (Linda) Request from former team re: sharing info on our work - 5 minutes
  3. (Nat) Agenda prep for July 10 - 10 minutes
  4. (Ben) Food and travel for July 10 - 5 minutes
  5. (Heather) Imagination Audit - 10 minutes
  6. (Nat) HR Innovation Unconference + map - 10 minutes
  7. (Heather) Listserv - 5 minutes
  8. (Helen) Check out - 1 minute

Part A

  1. __ I’m good at impromptu speaking
  2. __ I usually have ample opportunities to share my thoughts
  3. __ I don’t always have to think about what I have to say before I start saying it
  4. __ When I start to speak in a meeting, I rarely find myself getting interrupted
  5. __ I only need a little bit of information about a topic before I start to form an opinion on it
  6. __ When I share my thoughts in a meeting, people usually listen
  7. __ I think that my ideas are usually valuable contributions to discussion
  8. __ I get to participate in lively debates about the future of our business, products, or people

Part B

  1. __ I often start to speak and then miss my opportunity
  2. __ I word my thought very carefully so I do not strike my coworkers as ‘abrasive’ or ‘aggressive’
  3. __ I regularly get interrupted multiple times in a single meeting
  4. __ When I share an idea, sometimes someone repeats my idea later without mentioning that I said it
  5. __ When I share a thought, I usually get ‘devil’s advocate’ questions that challenge me or ask me to prove it
  6. __ I think there are topics that my personal experiences do not qualify me to publicly opine on
  7. __ Sometimes I watch lively debates, but I don’t feel comfortable or welcome participating in them.
  8. __ I often leave meetings feeling disappointed that I did not have the chance to share my ideas

Part C __ I’m starting to get an idea of what’s not working with meetings

Part D __ I really have no idea why you’re asking me to fill out this checklist

reference: https://chelseatroy.com/2018/03/29/why-do-remote-meetings-suck-so-much/