Bringing Information and Data Together to Deliver Value for Canadians

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Bringing Information and Data Together to Deliver Value for Canadians

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Stephen Burt

Stephen Burt (Opening remarks)

Chief Data Officer of Canada

Stephen is the Chief Data Officer for the Government of Canada at the Treasury Board Secretariat. His mandate is to provide leadership across government on information and data governance and integration, privacy modernization, and data-enabled digital services and programs. He has an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Master’s in Public Administration from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

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Chris Allison

Chris Allison (Panelist)

Director General and Chief Data Officer, Centre for Data Management, Innovation and Analytics, Corporate Data and Surveillance Branch, Public Health Agency of Canada

Christopher Allison (Chris) is the Director General of Data Management, Innovation and Analysis and Chief Data Officer at the Public Health Agency of Canada. Chris has worked in government for 21 years across operations, policing, immigration, national security, policy, major projects, air travel, open source, data, development and leadership. He is a self-driven continuous learner who is passionate about people, network analytics and systems - seeing the connections between our people, our environments, our systems and our organizations.

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Trevor Banks

Trevor Banks (Panelist)

Manager, Organizational Design and Analytics, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

With significant recognition and awards for developing specific expertise in the realities and practicalities of leading IM initiatives, Trevor is now a recognized expert in the field of IG. As of 2022, Trevor is now leading the development of Government of Canada Information, Data and technology HR products at the enterprise level, including work streams, interdepartmental standardized job descriptions, competencies and associated learning/development requirements associated with the Digital community, and providing advice and guidance to Digital Change Sector management on HR matters related to the Digital community and the joint data/information work underway. Trevor, a long standing member of Info and Data communities, contributes a significant amount of professional and personal time, energy, and resources contributed to the fostering of community spirit, professional development, and strategic direction.

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Patrick Charette

Patrick Charette (Panelist)

A/Director, Enterprise Data Governance and Data Stewardship, Employment and Social Development Canada

Patrick Charette is the A/Director for Enterprise Data Governance and Data Stewardship for the Chief Data Office within Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). His work involves developing and implementing a data governance programme for Employment and Social Development Canada at the enterprise level while engaging with key partners and stakeholders across the department and the Government of Canada. As part of developing the enterprise data governance programme, Patrick has led the development and launch of ESDC’s Enterprise Data Stewardship Network. This group focusses on bringing together the department’s key data stakeholders to co-develop recommendations and make decisions on the management and stewardship of enterprise data holdings. Prior to focussing on Enterprise Data Governance, Patrick worked within the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and ESDC on the Government of Canada’s Open Government and Open Data initiative.

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Meline Nearing-Hunter

Meline Nearing-Hunter (Panelist)

Director, Information and Data Governance, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Meline Nearing-Hunter is the Director, Information Management Policy and Horizontal Engagement in the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS). Meline began her career in the public service in 2000 in Employment and Social Development Canada in various roles in employment programs, corporate planning, and information management. Meline joined TBS in 2017, where she is currently leading efforts to advance and evolve information and data management in the Government of Canada in support of a more modern and digital government.

Follow her: @MelineHunter on Twitter | on LinkedIn

Jennifer Woods

Jennifer Woods (Panelist)

Director, Government Records Initiative Division, Library and Archives Canada

Jennifer Woods is an innovative, collaborative and conscientious director who achieves results by inspiring, engaging and evolving with her staff, clients and colleagues. She is currently the Director of the Government Records Initiatives Division (GRID) and Director of Corporate IM, at Library and Archives Canada (LAC), a position she began in March 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is passionate about the role of supporting and strategically advising the GC on international IM best practices and standards to make the best collection of government documentary heritage available to Canadians. Her leadership experience began as the Director of the GC-wide GCDOCS program at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSAC), where she led a government-wide approach to electronic records and document management. In this role, she led the creation of a successful Treasury Board submission, securing a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with OpenText in line with the current GC IM/IT direction. When GCDOCS merged with a new GC-wide Programs and Solutions Sector (GCPS), she became responsible for establishing a Customer Advocacy, Relationships and Engagement (CARE) directorate for GC-wide programs including GCdocs, GCcase, GCshare and GCinterop. She received her Masters of Information Management from Dalhousie University in 2011. She lives in Ottawa with her wife, teenage son, two dogs and two cats.

Christopher Valiquet

Christopher Valiquet (Moderator)

Director, GC Data Community, Canada School of Public Service

Christopher Valiquet is the founding Director of the Government of Canada Data Community at the Canada School of Public Service. He is dedicated to building connections and solutions that help the federal public service to harness data for better decisions and operations. Prior to this, he served as Senior Advisor at the Privy Council Office, where he supported the Prime Minister, Cabinet and the Clerk in navigating transition, setting priorities, making policy and tracking implementation. Christopher began his public service career at the Office of the Auditor General over eighteen years ago. He then held progressively senior positions at Treasury Board Secretariat and Natural Resources Canada. His work has focused on a range of activities to improve economic competitiveness, environmental performance, social outcomes and the efficiency of government. Christopher earned his BA (Honours) in International Development from the University of Guelph, and his MA in Public Policy and Administration from Concordia University.

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