Benefits and Pension 101 for Students

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Welcome & Introduction

Hello! Welcome to the "Benefits and Pension 101 for Students Wiki page". The goal of this page is to help students make the most of their benefits from the Federal Public Service.

This project was started after I, Christopher, had questions about the benefits and pension I am entitled to after working as an FSWEP student for over 2 years. My hope is that this wiki page will allow students new and re-hired to make smart choices when renewing their contracts or moving around in the public service.

I encourage you to join the discussion group on GCCollab so that edits and revisions can be discussed before information is released to the community.

What is a Pension?

A pension is


How are you elibible


How to enroll here.

Special Considerations for Students

Here is some advise for students to consider

Tips from fellow students

Informal list of tips from students