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You will find the full standard and all annexes available for review here. If you have any question or concerns about the BBSS, please contact the BBS team. As it is a GCwiki, please add information, links or relevant resources to help everyone improve Base Building Security

French version: Sécurité de l'immeuble de base

Base Building Security Standard (BBSS)

Real Property Services (RPS), Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) provides its clients with base building security services (protection of the asset infrastructure, including structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural) and must develop and implement risk-based security in its portfolio.

Base building security provides a base or starting point for other security requirements (i.e. minimum and enhanced safeguards) to be added to protect the specific assets held by the tenant organization.

PSPC is the Internal Enterprise Service Organization (IESO), formerly Lead Security Agency. PSPC is funded for base building security in the delivery of the Treasury Board (TB) approved office accommodation program for PSPC buildings serving approximately 260,000 public servants and 101 departments and agencies, nationally. Client departments are accountable for defining and funding additional requirements to respond to the risks and threats of their programs, as they determine above and beyond the base building.

This BBSS ensures the uniform and efficient implementation of base building security in all PSPC custodial, leased, and engineering assets (specific to bridges and dams), as well as infrastructure assets (including, but not limited to, heating plants and underground plumbing and hydro connections), in accordance with the minimum standards set out in applicable policies, codes and regulations.

Facility Security Assessments and Authorization (FSAA) formerly known as Base Building Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

Facility Security Assessments and Authorization (FSAA), site security design briefs, and vulnerability assessments must follow a prescribed format developed and updated by RPS’s Property and Facility Management service line to provide a common approach, and to support risk-based security management of all PSPC owned and leased assets.

Base building FSAA must be conducted on a five-year cycle or when:

  • There is a possible change in the threat environment identified locally, by RPS, the Chief Security Officer (CSO), or the tenant;
  • There are changes in tenant departments or their operations, and the existing threat and risk assessment is no longer applicable due to an increased threat profile;
  • There are plans to integrate new technology or systems within the facility that may impact the physical security risks in the environment; or
  • There is a change in status of the building or a significant renovation planned.

Monitoring and compliance

Compliance with this standard is mandatory. Compliance will be monitored and reported on through the base building security program, which performs a national oversight and quality monitoring role, and includes:

  • continuous auditing throughout the life cycle of base building security for buildings, with appropriate reporting, by using base-building-security-tailored audit tools;
  • preparation of an annual report on base building security;
  • annual reporting on the status of implementation of threat and risk assessment recommendations;
  • completion of base building threat and risk assessments as part of the Building Management Plan (BMP) National Call Letter.

Key Points

  • The BBSS will ensure common base building security practices across the national portfolio and ensure the common implementation of base building threat and risk assessments.
  • Will be reviewed every two years to ensure that it remains up to date, and reflects the most current security posture of the Department.
  • Risks and costs for mitigation must be assigned to the correct risk holder
  • Will help inform occupancy instruments for cost effective security in buildings
  • Allows for a harmonized threat and risk assessment approach across government

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