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The following are list of active Working Groups currently available within the Enterprise Architecture umbrella, categorized per the B-I-A-T-S+P. The first one, GC Enterprise Community of Practice, will have sub-groups that have links to the other working groups as well.

Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice[edit | edit source]

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GC Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice

Enterprise Business Architecture[edit | edit source]

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GC Business Capability Model Working Group provides a view of the GC enterprise in terms of business capabilities.

Enterprise Information Architecture[edit | edit source]

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Enterprise Data CoP

Enterprise Data Community of Practice to share authoritative information related to data practices and activities across the GC

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Data Science @GoC

Share resources and connect with others exploring the cutting-edge of Machine Learning, Neural Networks & Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Visualization

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AI Policy Workspace

Artificial Intelligence Policy Workspace builds a policy framework for the implementation of AI applications in federal institutions

Enterprise Application Architecture[edit | edit source]

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GC Digital Exchange Platform

A platform to share GC data within each other and with the outside world in a modern, secure, and unified way.

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FLOSSING Community of Practice

A platform to enable Open Source and Collaboration across all levels of Government and the Public.

GC Wiki page for FLOSSING (Free Libre Open Source Software in Government) is here

Enterprise Technology Architecture[edit | edit source]

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GC Cloud WG

GC Cloud Working Group supports the secure adoption of cloud services by providing advice to departments, assessing cloud service requests, and developing GC Enterprise guidance.

Enterprise Security & Privacy Architecture[edit | edit source]

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Secure GC Digital Forum

Discusses and shares ideas, information and tips regarding Identity, Credential & Access Management; Enterprise Security Architecture; and Cyber Security Event Management

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Pan Canadian Trust Framework

Defines and standardizes practice & processes with regard to establishment and use of trusted digital identities