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Name Email Twitter Department Area of Work
Kenzie Finlayson-Buck Canada School of Public Service Adult Learning & Development; social justice; reconciliation
An Nguyen @anxnguyen CBSA operations
Sarah McCulloch @sjmm1987 CBSA Data Literacy and Engagement
Aaron Snow @aaronsnow CDS/TBS Digital service delivery and conditions for same
Andrea Gilbrook @andreagilbrook CDS/TBS Talent/People & Culture
Courtney Claessens @sidewalkballet CDS/TBS Product management, digital service delivery
Lesley Wheldrake @lwheldrake CDS/TBS Partnerships
Mithula Naik @MithulaNaik CDS/TBS Design research, digital service delivery
Sean Boots @sboots CDS/TBS Digital policy
Lia Milito @liabadia Code for Canada Operations, HR, Program design/delivery @DoveBomb Code for Canada, RCMP, Transport Product Management, Development
Helen Daniels @freethetalent CRA Learrning and Leadership Development, HR integration, modernization/transformation, People-first, employee experience
Kim Ongaro @kimm0_23 CRA Service Design & research
Marwan Mansour @mar_mansour CRA Creative Services - Graphic Design
Melissa Valencia @theinkbee CRA User research and program evaluation
Nicole O'Shea nicole.o' @nicoleoshea05 CRA Service Design
Nitin Basandra @n_basandra CRA GST/HST Audit
Vince Pranjivan @VincePranjivan CRA Ret'd Retired Assistant Commissioner
Awo Nuuh @CawoN99 CSPS Research- Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces
Chris Allison @toferc CSPS Digital govt & digital skills development, data and ethics
Emma D'Souza @emma_dsouza CSPS Designing learning experiences, human-centred design
Scott McNaughton @scott_pm CSPS Rules as Code, AI, Service Design, Digital Government and Innovation
Rebecca Nava @Rebecca_Nava_ CSPS Comms, Gs & Cs Operations, Sexual Health Education
Justine Reynolds @ncrypn_rjprcn DFO YPN (NCRYPN + DFO YPN)
Christopher Scipio @ScipioCk DND GBA+, strategic policy
Julia Dick @yooulia DND AI policy
Michael Karlin @supergovernance DND Data and AI policy
Marie Lebel-Racine s.o. EDSC Analyse de politiques, Surveillance stratégique, Planification et reddition de comptes
Matthew Peters @peteszee Elections Canada
Abigail Kidd @abigailkidd ESDC Disability and Accessibility, Social Policy
Aby Sundaralingam @as57368809 ESDC Employment Insurance
Adwoa Gyasi-Nimako @agyasinimako ESDC Integrity Services
Ali Khan @AliKhanGC ESDC Employee Engagement
Amelia Parkhurst-Bartel @ameliapb96 ESDC Corporate Planning
Chelsea Ernhofer n/a ESDC data science
Colleen Tiernan @ColleenTiernan ESDC ESDC Innovation LAB, human-centred design, systems thinking, facilitation
Emily Sams @EmilyySams ESDC Education policy
Hank Ko @Hank_CH_Ko ESDC Research - Labour Market Information
Hemali Patel @hpatel04 ESDC Corporate planning
Imanzi Kayitare @imanzikayitare ESDC Program Delivery/Gs & Cs
Jeff Hughes n/a ESDC Data science
Joël Bourgeoys @Joel_b ESDC Facilitation, engagement
Julien-Charles Lévesque n/a ESDC Data science
Megan Beretta @megberetta ESDC Digital government, inclusive policy, digital rights
Mia Xerri ESDC Data Literacy, Engagement and Communications
NJ. (Nate) Wilson-Taylor @N_J_W_T ESDC Program Administration, Benefits Delivery
Romina Lin @LinGC2020 ESDC Program Delivery
Sarah Mulvihill ESDC GBA+
Jennifer MacDougall @jen_macdougall Federal Youth Network Partnerships, engagement, outreach, learning events
Deepika Grover deepika.grover@pco-bcp.gc,ca @barefoot_pivots Free Agent (NRCan) Equity, Innovation, Public Health, International Affairs
Valeria Sosa @valsosa Free Agent (NRCAn) - on mat leave Using innovation techniques on high conflict issues - indigenous files, visible minority community
Jodi Rai @heyhumantis Free Agent (TBS) - Assignment w/ CSPS Systems Thinking, Human Rights, Strategic Human Resources, Org. Devleopment & Behaviour, Employee Experience, Learning & Development, Org. Culture, Self-Awareness, Employee Wellness/Mental Health
Pamela James @pamjamhildy Free Agent (TC) - Assignment w/TC Engagement, Change Management, Comms, Community, people-focused
Cassandre Marcelin @cassandre_pm GAC International trade
Emily W GAC Business Process Analysis & Continuous Improvement. Background in Sociology & media analysis
Morrell Andrews @morrellandrews GAC Enabling Environments Policy + Advocacy
Rachel Urban Shipley @rachelurbship GAC International Development, Gs&Cs
Alex Katayama @vexedalex IRCC Analytics, SEO, Web Advisor
Amanda Bednarek @amandabednarek IRCC Communications
Anne Vignacourt IRCC Communications
Carly Dybka @carlydybka IRCC Communications
Cynthia Essiambre IRCC Communications - web operations
Ginette Venne IRCC Communications
Lauren Sankey @LaurenSankey_ IRCC Communications
Micah Steffler IRCC Communications
Michael Arthur IRCC web advising, eComms
Nadya Rustandjaja @NRTan29 IRCC web advising, eComms
Sara McGillivray @saramcgillivray IRCC Communications with a background in history
Steffany Trites IRCC Business Analysis
Tracy Dransfield IRCC Communications - web strategy, U/X
Mikayla Sherry n/a ISED Corporate Engagement
Victoria Patacairk @VLPatacairk Labour Program, ESDC Accessibility, Inclusivity, Unconscious Bias, Employee Engagement, EEA, HR, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist
Mike Kujawski @mikekujawski Management Consultant/Trainer for Gov Orgs Behaviour Change (Social) Marketing, Strategic Comms, Digital Engagement
Kathleen Godfrey @kbh_godfrey NRCAN Energy Efficiency Experimentation, Changing systems, Building community
Ali Feroz @aliferoz_gc NRCAN/PSPC policy, engagement, regulatory, analytics
Steph Percival @steph_percival NRCAN/TBS Engagement, community building, human-centred design
Jennifer Hong @jenn1616hong NRCan/VMAC Public sector innovation, workplace culture/events/advocacy, visible minority advisory council, youth network
Shahzma Haji @shahzmasays ON - MCCSS
Sameer Vasta @vasta Ontario Digital Service Employee Experience, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
Vanessa Thomas @drt3ch OPC Technical Research (computer science // systems analysis)
Justin Mathews @justmath19 PCO Public Service Renewal, Digital Communications & Engagement
Zaria Channer @zariachanner PCO Engagement, Consultation
Glennys Egan @gleegz PHAC Program Policy/Design, Gs&Cs
Janice Cudlip @CudlipJ Policy Community Partnership Office Engagement and outreach
Chantale Fafard Dubé and Mario Morneau @AVG_VNGD PSPC Young Professionals Network
Rebecca Barton @bekki_june PSPC Social Media Marketing
Cindy Arlette Orellana @CindyAOrellana Service Canada (ON-R) Communications and Marketing
Jacqueline Salome Service Canada/ ESDC External Relations/ Regional Governance, GBA+
Mary Lestage @mary_lestage Service Canada/ ESDC Engagement
Britt Hurley @britthurleyott SSC IT Strategy, Software Development
Jose Jimenez @curious_jose SSC Service Evolution
Maxine Merhej @maxinemerhej SSC Women in STEM/DMUC, Strategy
Sarah Patrick @sarahpatGoC SSC Equity, Inclusion, Gender and Technology, LGBTQ
Abe Greenspoon @worldofabe StatCan Organizational Health
Eve-Marie Blouin-Hudon @eveblou StatCan Organizational Health
Jeanne-A Mazile TBS Communications - Social Media
Daphne Guerrero @withthesuper8 TBS / NRCAN digital, policy, engagement, facilitation, foresight
John Kenney @johnrkenney TBS/CDS Digital service delivery/policy
Lucas Cherkewski @lchski TBS/CDS Policy/data, digital service delivery
Sam Burton @thesamburton TBS/CDS Policy, digital government, digital rights, tech & systems of power/oppression
Susan Johnston @JoyCuriosity TBS/CSPS Facilitation, public engagement, learning, etc...
Kaili Levesque @kailiml TBS/HC Strategic policy, experimentation, evidence and data in policy, new models of work - currently COVID
Taran Wasson @TaranWasson TBS/SSC Strategic Policy, Engagement, Renewal, Innovation
Aalya Dhanani Essa @AalyaDE TC Policy, Engagement, Community Building, OneTeamGov , FlexGC
Andee Pittman @andeepittmanux Transport Canada Enabling human-centred design, design operations
Noureddine Salhi
Paula Folkes-Dallaire
Emma Wootton @ewootwoot CDS/TBS Service and Interaction Design, digital delivery
Thomas George @thmsgrg Shared Services Canada Problem Management, Service Management
Martin Ssmpson @martinsampson71 CIRNAC Policy related to Indigenous Section 35 Rights
Lothlorien Farley> TC Operations, divestiture, property, Emergency management, environtmental racism
Richard Duranceau @policyfan TC Strategic and Ops Plannings
Manar Gawargy @manarlouka Shared Services Canada Corporate Services Branch /Chief Information Office / Business Informatics Solutions Support Analyst
Margie Venes @margievenes Shared Services Canada EA
Pat Heard Shared Services Canada IT (web developer and operations)
James Kuffner Shared Services Canada Service Management Engineering Services