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The Surge Team

The Surge Team, housed in the Canada School of Public Service, provides support on projects across government where quick action or breakthroughs are needed. We are a multi-disciplinary team of policy professionals that bring diverse skills, perspectives, and tools allowing us to support a variety of projects across government such as policy briefs, presentations, facilitated sessions, and even SaaS solutions. To learn more about us and our work reach out at or visit our GC Exchange Site for more details. Our GC Exchange site also contains a series of Learning Materials that we have developed on key aspects of government and important skills for the public service.


Surge Team Services


How We Work

The Surge Team works in a series of short sprints and deep dives to improve the quality of products. Our work is iterative and collaborative, learning equally from failures and successes. Consulting with stakeholders is a critical part of how we do our work. Our projects are often non-linear, redefining problem statements and generating more research as we move forward and change course as needed. Our approach is most effective with engaged and collaborative partners as we use these regular touchpoints throughout the project to build off your expertise and respond to your needs.


Team Traits

Team Skills

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We work in close collaboration with our partners, meeting regularly to ensure proper direction on our project and adjusting course as needed.


Problem Solving

We approach problems from many perspectives, using our diverse backgrounds and skills to find unique solutions to complex issues.



We think things through carefully, testing ideas and solutions thoroughly.

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We excel at simplifying large and complex amounts of information, providing knowledge to others by making ideas and fact accessible.


We are able to work on a variety of projects and can pivot quickly to meet our client's needs.

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Research and Analysis

We work closely with subject matter experts across wide areas of study collecting and disseminating information on a variety of subjects.

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Past Projects

Since December 2018 we have worked with several organizations to deliver over 50 projects with more than 150 individual deliverables. You can find details on these projects on our GC Exchange site .

These projects have contributed to learning, innovation, and policy priorities across the Government of Canada. Our projects touch on varying aspects of government including public administration, innovation, indigenous relations, and national security. Our deliverables each require a variety of skills to complete including research, deck building, co-ordination, facilitation, storytelling, and many more. As part of our mandate as a learning provider we have compiled a series of tips and tricks from our lessons learned on projects, available on our GC Exchange site in order to help others with these skills.




Examples of Projects:

An image of a calendar and a checklist signifying project planning
Online Transition Planner and Checklist: A tool to support Government transition

Partnership with the Privy Council Office

Centralized a checklist of tasks to be completed for all incoming and outgoing Ministers, staff, and offices

Deployed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool across the GC

Provided an enterprise-wide view of transition activities for the Privy Council Office

Speech bubble signifying conversation and facilitation
Behavioural Insights Blended Services Pilot: Facilitated Workshop Learning

Partnership with the Policy Community Partnerships Office, Privy Council Office, and Behavioural Insights Team

Applied a team-based learning-by-doing approach to teach public servants about Behavioral Insights and make concrete progress on real problems

Combined expert-led training and one-on-one support to develop BI-based interventions for real world challenges

Open book signifying storytelling, narrative building, and briefing
Reconciliation Primer: Policy Brief and Learning Tool

Partnership with Health Canada

Primer for public servants on the need for reconciliation and the role they can play

Developed in consultation with Indigenous public servants and policy experts

Content contributed to the app Reconciliation: A Starting Point

Two people sitting at a table discussing, signifying public engagement
Modern Public Engagement: Facilitated Discussions and Engagement Framework Development

Partnership with Transport Canada

Curation of tools and resources relevant to public engagement that will support TC's Transformation Plan

Provides a public engagement framework in prototype format that articulates 5 broad phases of engagement and explores best practices


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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more reach out to us at surgesolutionsunit@csps-efpc.gc.cae or visit our GC Exchange site.