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Learning Circle 1C: Action-Learning Project


Research and propose a solution to a CRA issue.

Issue Description:

Under the theme of Service, Horizontality and Innovation; how do we break down silos and work in a more collaborative manner, shifting from working horizontally when it makes sense to, ultimately, incorporating horizontality into our problem resolution and planning processes?

Project Team:

  • Donald Adéa | SIIB
  • Jason Ianni | ITB
  • Sylvia Kendziora | DCPB
  • Joel Lamoureux | Prairie region
  • Mark Van Helvoirt | Pacific region
  • Nicole Hoogsteen | ABSB

Project Schedule(Milestones)

The following schedule represents major project deliverables and millstones Project Schedule

Domains of Research

Definition of "employee by Design"

Multi-talented individuals who are able to take on a variety of tasks within the organization. Responsibilities are not defined be a very specific job description. Tasks get assigned to individuals according to best fit rather than through an organizational structure.

The employee in this paradigm would have the following characteristics:

  • A certain level of technical proficiency
  • Highly Adaptable
  • Welcomes change
  • Curious about how things are done
  • Demonstrates initiative and ingenuity
SIIB Engagement

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Human Resource Engagement

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Industry Research

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Funding Considerations

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