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Understanding public engagement and global citizenship Tools and guidance Measuring progress Resources from the Government of Canada External resources Going further


Resources from the Global Hive

The Global Hive Toolkit is designed by the Inter-Council Network to support the efforts of public mobilization practitioners working in Canada: NGO staff, volunteers, international development officers, teachers, young people, activists, activists, artists, politicians - in short, all those who strive to mobilize others on global issues. Global Hive brings together best practices from expert public mobilization practitioners under seven thematic areas. This initiative was supported by Global Affairs Canada from 2012 to 2019.

We suggest you copy these topics before pressing the link that will take you into Global Hive`s search bar. To open the specific tool, paste the name of the tool you are interested.

Tools for teachers

Tools to engage youth

Tools for civil society organizations to design engagement activities

Tools for monitoring and evaluation

Tools to integrate gender equality into engagement

Tools on Partnerships

Guides From Regional and Provincial Councils

Working groups


Other guides and Reports

Other external resources from Canadians organizations

Resources from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Information on Public Engagement from other countries

United Kingdom

United States



South Korea

More resources from European Institutions

Resources from The United Nations

Other international resources on public engagement