About GCwiki

The GCwiki is a public wiki hosted by the Government of Canada to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

GCwiki is a major step toward a more innovative, open, and collaborative way of identifying, exploring and co-creating the policy and research agendas.

The GCwiki content is available to the public, however, users must have an account and be logged in if they wish to add or modify content. Academics, students, Canadian public servants, as well as other key communities can create an account. See the GCcollab Terms and conditions of use for more information on who can register.

Wikis are designed to be collaborative. Pages do not have “owners”, but instead, they have creators and editors. Any member of a wiki can create and edit articles. The collaborative nature of wikis creates interactive content which is constantly evolving.

The Digital Enablement Division within the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat manages GCcollab and GCwiki, but does not moderate individual pages.