What to do expect before, during and after PSPC Digital Innovation Network training

This content alpha phase. Regular updates are made.

Training Calendar

Before the Session Starts:

  • Find a comfortable distraction free space for your training
  • Log into the session 10 minutes early to allow time to solve any connection issues
  • Close any unused applications and unused browser tabs. This will free up computer resources to ensure you have an uninterrupted experience
  • Check the sound from your computer and make sure you can hear audio through your computer speakers or headset
  • Ensure your laptop is plugged in or has enough battery for the duration of the session
  • Locate your event code and log into Menti.com using another browser window or your mobile. It will be used for asking questions during the presentation.
  • Find a comfortable distraction free space

During the Session:

  • The session will be recorded and a link to the recorded session will be provided after the session.
  • All participants will be on mute upon entering the session.  
  • To interact with presenters, select the "Ask a Question" option in the accompanying mentimeter session.  We will do our best to answer your questions during the session "link" (Screenshot)  

After the Session:  

  • Session materials and recordings will be available at "Gccollab link"
  • Complete a short survey to help us improve our future sessions
  • Watch for future session details will be posted on GCCollab page
  • Follow us on Twitter #PSPCSOS