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Technology Briefs provides the reader with a short, to the point, summary of each Technology, how it is used by the industry, the Government of Canada and what impact it might have on a Department. Contributions from all is welcome in maintaining, updating and improving each individual Technology Briefs.

Collaboration on Technology Briefings will save time and effort across the GC by removing unnecessary duplication of effort in documenting over and over the same content. This should accelerate individual departments creation of Technology Roadmap by simply referencing common GC documentation of Technologies.

Target Audience

Everyone with access to the GCcollab-wiki is welcome to read, contribute and refer to.

If you believe there a subject missing and wish to create it, we suggest using the following sub-headings:

- Business Brief
- Technical Brief
- Industry Use
- Canadian Government Use
- Implications for Departments
- Sources

**These briefs are not final versions. They will be edited, revised and changed in light of new information on the technology.