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Our mission is to lead the development of a knowledgeable, resilient and integrated security community across the Government of Canada.


Formerly known as the Departmental Security Officer (DSO) Centre for Development (CfD), the Security Centre of Excellence (SCoE) has been in operation since 2012. Its mandate is to foster security community development and capacity building in order to achieve an expected level of readiness across government.

Guided by a Board of Management and a new Strategic Plan, the SCoE serves the security community as a whole and aims to further facilitate the integration of government security and emergency management priorities.

The SCoE acts as a force multiplier that facilitates cohesion throughout the security community. Building on expertise and best practices across the community, the SCoE aims to enhance readiness, preparedness and resilience.

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Our mission is to lead the development of a knowledgeable, resilient and integrated security community across the Government of Canada.

The SCoE achieves excellence in security by promoting consistent, predictable, and standardized approaches to most security issues. The SCoE acts as a catalyst for change and its activities will support the adoption of a robust security posture and culture across government.

Services Offered

Our new 2021-22 Annual Report is out!

For a quick overview of new and ongoing priorities, the SCoE’s 2022-23 Priorities Placemat is at your fingertips.

2020-21 Annual Report - 2019-20 Annual Report - 2018-19 Annual Report - 2017-18 Annual Report

Capacity Building

In addition to providing specific tools and services, the SCoE supports the security community by ongoing efforts to strengthen the security workforce overall. This includes working to have the security function recognized as a profession within government, developing hiring and retention strategies, and creating opportunities for continuous learning and development.

Advice and Guidance

As the focal point for the ongoing development of the government’s security community, the SCoE takes great pride in supporting the community by sharing expertise and knowledge, as requested, obtained from various informed sources, with security functional specialists in individual organizations and with the security community as a whole.

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Ask us a question directly by contacting We also encourage everyone to engage the GC security community online by posting questions and sharing best practices on our Security Centre of Excellence group on GCcollab!

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