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==Heading 2==
==Heading 2==
By connecting via the internet to potentially classified or sensitive applications or data, there are threats to the safety and security of that information.
Security issues may include:
*Lack of physical security - devices can be stolen, drives can be copied, or people can shoulder surf.
*Unsecured Networks - connecting on networks that are unsecured such as cafe, hotel and other open public networks are easy targets for exploitation.
*Providing Internal Access Externally - servers will be facing the internet therefore increasing the potential risk and vulnerability of being compromised.
*Out of Date Software - When using personal devices system updates and patches cannot be guaranteed.
==Heading 3==
==Heading 3==

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Heading 2

Heading 3

As the employee will be connect via the internet to potentially classified data and applications it is important that measures are taken to reduce the risk of a security breach.