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|[[File:SC2G Decision Tree (Draft).png|thumb|[[File:SCED Decision Tree.png|thumb]]'''SCED Decision Tree (Draft).png'''|300x300px]]
|[[File:SCED Decision Tree.png|thumb|'''SCED Decision Tree (Draft).png'''|300x300px]]
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SSC PEAL Partners Resources & FAQ
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Architecture Council


GC EARB Presenter Template



Network Security Zoning

Reference Architectures

Reference Architectures are the documentation on high level components and their relationships of technologies and their consumption models.

Document Current Work Version Signed Off Version
Network Zoning
GC Cloud Connection Patterns
SCED Decision Tree (Draft).png
SC2G Decision Tree - Departmental SaaS (Draft).png
On-Premise API to SaaS Reference Model (DRAFT)
On-Premise API to SaaS Reference Model (DRAFT)