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The Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) had developed a set of policy instruments that provide the necessary policy guidance to enable smooth cloud adoption across the Government of Canada.

Strategic Plan • Digital Operations Strategic Plan: 2018-2022 • Government of Canada Strategic Plan for Information Management and Information Technology 2017-2021 • Government of Canada Cloud Adoption Strategy: 2018 update Policy and Directive • Policy on Service and Digital • Directive on Service and Digital • Policy on Management of Information Technology • Policy Framework for Information and Technology • Policy on Information Management • Directive on Automated Decision-Making Standards and Guidelines • Digital Standards • Standards on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) • Government of Canada right cloud selection guidance • Government of Canada cloud security risk management approach and procedures • Government of Canada Security Control Profile for Cloud-based GC Services • Government of Canada White Paper: Data Sovereignty and Public Cloud • Security and identity management guidance - Directives, standards, guidelines and publications related to security • Secure use of cloud services - How to put in place secure cloud solutions. • Recommended controls for cloud-based services - How to secure, manage, and use cloud services. • Using electronic signatures - Guidance on using electronic signatures in support of the GC’s day-to-day business activities. • Secure electronic signature regulations - Getting a valid electronic signature. • Public key infrastructure - Guideline on creating public keys for secure identity management • Password management guidance - How government services should manage user passwords • Privacy Impact Assessment Summaries - Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) • Choosing the right cloud service - Find out which cloud deployment model is right for your organization. • Data residency requirements - Understand the Government of Canada’s requirements for the storage of data within Canada. • Secure use of cloud services - How to put in place secure cloud solutions. • Risk-management for cloud-based services - Protect cloud services by ensuring that the proper security controls are in place. • Data sovereignty in cloud environments - Assessing the risks of foreign governments accessing Canadian data in the cloud.