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Simple Connections. More Learning. Less Paperwork.

The Paper Plane Exchange pilot project exists to connect people and ideas to serve the public, to and from the Government of Canada, ethically and without much friction.

Paper Plane Exchanges are a way to learn through mentorship, co-creation, shadowing and direct contributions across teams. Instead of going to a conference or a classroom, with the Paper Plane Exchange, learn by experience. Fly out, or welcome, someone from another organization. Walk in their world (or host them in yours), help each other out, and learn by doing.

Here’s how it works…
  • An individual person and a host organization get matched up (one in the Government of Canada, one outside of the Government of Canada)
  • They design a simple agreement to learn & work together, using minimal paperwork
  • They have a great exchange, 1 - 60 days long
  • They tell the world (or at least, the Paper Plane Exchange team ;) how it went
Why paper plane exchange?
  • Test out whether immersive, hands-on learning is for you.
  • Set the stage for longer-term exchange for individuals or teams.
  • Get to know the Government of Canada better, especially GC communities, organizations, program areas or functions that are relevant to your work.
  • Go where you’ve never gone before, or host someone you don't know yet. Explore! How might inspiration strike?
  • This is a pilot! Help figure out ways to do great exchange in-and-beyond the Government of Canada.
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**If you are not yet a GCcollab member, welcome! Most academics, students and government employees at all levels in Canada will be able to join directly at If you are working in a nonprofit, business, or as an individual community member -- you are most welcome, and you can contact for an invitation to join GCcollab.