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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is the practice of advising or guiding someone on their professional journey. This can be done traditionally by a leader or expert in a specific field. Reverse mentoring is also a valuable approach to mentoring. Reverse mentoring is an employee newer to the workforce teaching a more experienced/senior professional or leader topics such as new technology, software, social media and current trends.

Why is mentoring important for young professionals in a virtual environment?

  1. Overall, professional needs and the world of work is changing.
  2. They want access to a more flexible form of mentoring.
  3. Traditional mentoring has its limits.
  4. Professionals don’t always have the time and patience to deal with coordinated matches and training sessions.
  5. More and more, organizations are looking for secure digital solutions to support individuals in their professional integration.

Where to Find Mentors

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GC Mentorship Facebook Group

Mentoring Living Library

EE Informal Networking and Mentorship

GC Mentoring Inventory Form

Mentorship Aids

GC Mentor GC Group on GC Collab - a space to connect with others who are interested or involved in mentorship programming

GC Mentor GC Group on GCxChange - information on mentoring programming across the GC and the Community of Practice meeting series. We host a monthly meeting, typically held on the third Thursday of every month at 1pm eastern.

Past session recordings

Nurturing Your Professional Support System // Cultiver votre réseau de soutien professionnel

Ask A Mentor Lightning Talk // Demander à un Mentor : Présentations éclairs

Finding career development support // Trouver un soutien en développement de carrière

Career Guides & What They Do | Guides de carrière

Networking podcast (English only)


Mega-ConnEX2021: Virtual Network 101

Canada School of Public Service: E-Mentoring Practices

Canada School of Public Service: Shape Your World with E-Mentoring!

GC Mentorship Kiosk


CSPS Mentoring Courses
Fostering Mentoring Relationships This online .5-hour self-paced course explains the benefits of mentoring programs for employees, mentors and organizations as a whole, and clarifies the differences between mentoring and coaching relationships. Participants will review various mentoring models, their different approaches, and how each contributes towards a positive mentoring experience for all involved.
Building Career Development Programs and Succession Planning This online self-paced course explains the process of creating career development programs for everyone from new employees to experienced leaders, including how to maintain a qualified talent pipeline through effective succession planning. Participants will review key development and mentoring concepts and learn how to create and implement a succession planning program and analyze its success.
CSPS Coaching Courses
Coaching for Effective Leadership This 3 hour course explores the fundamental principles and practices of using a coaching approach in a one-to-one setting, including how to apply the GROW Model to structure these conversations. Participants will learn how to develop their listening and questioning skills and apply a coaching approach to engage others in powerful conversations.
Developing Successful Coaching Relationships This online self-paced course presents coaching techniques for building dynamic and purposeful coaching-style relationships with team members. Participants will review coaching principles to guide them in helping others to exceed their preconceived limitations and reach their full potential.