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Welcome to the GCcollab wiki![edit | edit source]

Welcome, beta-partners! Thanks for being awesome! Want to get started adding your content? Visit our help page to learn more about creating your page. 

Found this by accident? Want to be a beta-partner? Great, jump in! Send us a message, we'd love to hear what you're working on

Currently in Beta  [edit | edit source]

What if governments connected more open, more often, and more effectively with partners in all sectors and places?

…Welcome to the GCcollab wiki, a place to learn, connect and share with people working on policy and projects to make Canada better.

Come get connected to government, civic partners and passionate people in cities and towns and provinces and territories across the country. Learn about their work and goals.

- Share your ideas, information, and projects as they unfold. Find diverse partners and connections in real time, when you need them most.

- Create together: draft projects and ideas and connect with those being explored by your peers in other places and other sectors. Find your communities here – and join up to organize your work on GCcollab.

- Connect-the-dots: wherever your community connects (wikis, dev platforms, forums, blogs, websites, email, paper, your garage, you-name-it), link in to the GCcollab Wiki like you might walk to a public square – a place where citizens can come together to share ideas across communities as we all figure out solutions for public benefit.

The GCcollab wiki is a beta project coordinated by the Government of Canada as part of a shift to open, digital government. Thanks for being a part of this project! Please contact us with feedback or questions.

GCcollab is an open platform to connect information and people for policy and research. Started by the Government of Canada, it is now open to the public. Find your community and get invited!

About the Platform  [edit | edit source]

The GCcollab wiki is a public-facing wiki hosted by the Government of Canada to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing with external partners. 

The wiki content is available to the public however, users must have an account and be logged in if they wish to add or modify/edit content.

Wikis are designed to be collaborative. Pages do not have “owners”, instead they have creators and editors. Any member of the GCcollab wiki can create and edit articles. The collaborative nature of wikis creates interactive content which is constantly evolving.

The Digital Collaboration Team within the Treasury Board Secretariat that manages GCcollab does not moderate individual pages.

To learn more, read some of our help material about the GCcollab wiki.

How to use the wiki[edit | edit source]

Help Material[edit | edit source]

If you need help with your account or creating your wiki page, take a look at our help material. Here we answer questions about Getting Started, Account Settings and Maintenance, Navigation, and Editing and Contributing. Visit the help page to learn more.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us!

Contact Us[edit | edit source]

If you need additional help, or would like to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to our Help Desk. One of our help desk agents will get back to you as soon as possible!

Featured Communities[edit | edit source]

Take a look at some of the most recent and active pages in the GCcollab community!

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