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Attributions and Sources

For those Microsoft icons found at https://wiki.gcollab.ca/M365/Home, they have been used in accordance with the Microsoft Terms of Use.

For those non-Microsoft icons used at https://wiki.gcollab.ca/M365/Home - a big thanks to the following for sharing their icons under the Creative Commons license.

Attributions Sources
Online training by Becris from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Becris/
Articles by Turkkub from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Turkkub/
Webinar by Vectors Point from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/vectorspoint/
Seminar by Sumit Saengthong from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Sumit_Saengthong/
Video by Guilherme Furtado from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Guilherme_Furtado/
Information by João Paulo from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/João_Paulo/
Podcast by Achmad Mulyana from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/achmad_mulyana/
Template by Maxim Basinski from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Maxim_Basinski/
Infographic by MONTANA RUCOBO from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/MONTANA_RUCOBO/
Community by Wichai Wi from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Wichai Wi/
Route by Philipp Petzka from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Philipp_Petzka/
E-book by Fernanddo Santtander from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Fernanddo_Santtander/
Apps by Vectorstall from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Vectorstall/
Social Media by Monkik from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Monkik/
Ottawa by Fabien Jouin from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Fabien_Jouin/
Accessibility by Mark Caron from the Noun Project https://thenounproject.com/Mark_Caron/

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