Lifting as You Lead Mentoring Circles Program 2021

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What is Lifting As You Lead Mentoring Circles Program (LLMC)?

As a leader in our community, the Diversity and Inclusion team is calling on you to join the Lifting as You Lead Mentoring Circles (LLMC) program. This ten-week program provides a platform for employees to network with colleagues and leadership across the Materiel Group and the Public Service while developing interpersonal skills, key leadership competencies, and finding career building opportunities.

The five Circle sessions couples with five optional enhancement sessions all take place over a ten-week period. Circle members meet virtually to tackle a new discussion theme every other week led by rotating circle leaders. Circles consist of 6 to 10 participants. Not only will your presence elevate and enrich the experience of the Circles, but it also will provide you with the opportunity to connect and develop.

The Lifting as You Lead Mentoring Circle program is grounded in the 2020/2021 Deputy Minister Commitments on Diversity and Inclusion and strives to build on the Clerk's Call to Action to address anti-racism, equity, and inclusion in the Federal Public Service. Through this lens, the LLMC program provides you with an innovative space and opportunity to actively partake in making your workplace inclusive.

Register now to secure your seat! Application deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Program Training

Program Guide

Program Presentation

Program Launch Event 2021

Program Toolbox

Session # Discussion Guides
Session 1 Confidence and Career Building
Session 2 Leadership
Session 3 Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion
Session 4 Negotiation
Session 5 Work Life Balance

Circle Session Feedback

Program Exit Interview

Promotional Kit

You are encouraged to promote this program and the resource guides within your organization. Within this page, you will find a promotional kit that you and your team can use to share information with your employees and help start or continue the conversation about equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion.