What is LeadersGC?

LeadersGC is a network of Canadian public servants that seize opportunities to put good ideas to work. Our mission is to provide platforms for public servants to engage with senior decision-makers. We want YOU to get involved! Read more of our story below.

How we started and where we are today

A team of federal public servants, led by Nick Frate, came together to explore ways to build engagement with public servants about issues that are relevant to them. In November 2015, the team decided to pilot a series of Twitter chats after work hours under the umbrella of #LeadersGC. Based on positive feedback and the number of returning participants to each chat, the team decided to continue on with chats.

The group is now led by Canadian public servants who, in their free time, collaborate to organize and deliver monthly open dialogue events. LeadersGC represents a phenomenal opportunity to showcase an open and transparent government, engage with public service leaders across the country at all levels and to help develop a culture of innovation, flexibility and responsiveness within our institutions.

LeadersGC collaborators connect on Twitter where we coordinate regular monthly chats on topical issues about policies, priorities and challenges in government. Twitter chats are open to the public and allow everyone to participate and interact directly with senior leaders. Since its inception in 2015, LeadersGC has hosted more than 30 Twitter chats on topics ranging from mental health to diversity, policy development, workplace accessibility, innovation, digital diplomacy and many others.

LeadersGC chats have reached national visibility by trending in the Top 10 on Twitter in Canada. Our chat with Michael Wernick, the former Clerk of the Privy Council, reached the number one spot on Twitter. We have also hosted live in-person events like the Night at the Museum chat with Alex Benay, Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada. LeadersGC has provided live coverage on social media for events like the Public Service Excellence Awards and the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign and were most recently Featured in the 25th Annual Clerk’s Report.

We presently have collaborators from coast to coast with varying skill-sets, contributing virtually to deliver open discussions. Collaborators assist with planning, developing questions, translation, graphics, design and promotion of the chats. We are always exploring and testing use of new platforms and digital tools for engagement. Follow us on social media and use the #LeadersGC hashtag to join our virtual conversations. See you at the next Twitter chat!

What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a scheduled, organized topical conversation on Twitter centralized around a specific hashtag (in the case of our community, the hashtag used is #LeadersGC). Our Twitter chats occur the third Thursday of the month from September to May, typically from 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST.

How can I participate in a #LeadersGC Twitter Chat?

It’s easy!

If you don’t have a Twitter account, creating one is easy:

To Participate: Log into Twitter using your cell phone or computer then simply follow @LeadersGC. We will ask a series of thought-provoking questions in both official languages beginning. Click on the question asked and Retweet your answer. Every question will begin with Q1, Q2, etc. Please ensure your corresponding answers begin with A1, A2, etc. and include our event hashtag #LeadersGC. Then simply engage with your colleagues as you come together to address the most pressing issues affecting the public service.

Interested in Becoming a Collaborator?

We are always looking for new members to join the dynamic LeadersGC team. Everyone who participates in a LeadersGC chat or event is part of our community, but some members take their involvement further and volunteer their personal time to be part of the "Collaborators Crew." From coordinating chats, translating texts, designing graphics and promoting events, LeadersGC Collaborators work on all the behind the scenes tasks to ensure public servants remain engaged with their leaders and connected with each other. . If you are looking to gain relevant public service experience working with an interdepartmental team with members across regions and levels, send us a DM @LeadersGC.

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