Inside Regulatory Affairs - April 2022

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Engaging stakeholders, such as the Canadian public, industry associations, businesses, and other organizations impacted by Canada’s federal regulatory system, is essential to the effective delivery our initiatives and to our broader efforts at helping build trust in government through greater transparency and inclusion.

This special edition of our newsletter focuses on the pilot of our new online engagement platform that will be used to gather input to help improve the regulatory system, increase awareness of our initiatives, and reach new stakeholders using new interactive engagement tools.

New Online Engagement Platform: Let’s Talk Federal Regulations

We are piloting an online interactive engagement platform Let’s Talk Federal Regulations to gather input from Canadian organizations and individuals on several topics over the coming months. Upcoming topics will address federal regulatory modernization initiatives, such as targeted regulatory reviews, and assessing needs regarding public reporting and educational materials.

This initiative will help us test new digital approaches and consolidate opportunities for input on different regulatory system issues in a single place.

Let’s Talk Federal Regulations allows participants to join discussion forums, add virtual post-it notes, access stories and question boards to share their ideas and perspectives.

Have your say on Regulatory Cooperation

The first topic is on regulatory cooperation. Specifically, we would like your ideas and perspectives on:

  • Opportunities to align and cooperate on regulations with other governments and regulatory barriers impeding trade.
  • New ch allenges or opportunities for regulatory alignment and cooperation as we look towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Potential future workplan items to inform Canada’s position on the regulatory cooperation tables (nationally and internationally).

For more information and/or to provide input on this topic please visit the Breaking down inter-jurisdictional barriers webpage. Please provide your input by June 27, 2022.