Innovation Pillar

(Français: Pilier de l’Innovation) (Home Page: ISED Data Strategy)

What is the Innovation pillar?

The data Innovation pillar is one of the 6 pillars of the ISED Data Strategy. Fostering innovation will help propel ISED to continue being a leader in helping Canadians and businesses be competitive in their current and future work. Time and resources dedicated and available for experimentation, with particular focus on those projects that are replicable and scalable, will ensure that data are leveraged to their greatest potential.

Initiatives of Innovation

Data Analytics Pilots:

Working collaboratively with CIO and data owners to automate processes, discover new opportunities, enhance client interactions, and find solutions to persistent problems. The outcome of these pilots will then be shared, with the objective of scaling to other sectors and inspiring others to innovate.

Participate in and host data hackathons:

Bringing data scientists and analysts together to creatively solve data problems, leveraging the power of data and analytics.

Support ISED's Data Science Community of Practice:

ISED forum for those interested in data science, sharing knowledge, experience and skills.