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IT Plan is a response to the Policy on Management of Information Technology

6.1.7 Approving the annual three-year forward-looking departmental IT Plan, which may be included as part of an integrated information management and information technology plan;

OCIO develops the guidance and the tool for departments to submit their data on November 15th and March 31 (with quarterly updates).


Guide: https://gcdocsp.tbssct.local/gcdocs/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objaction=overview&objid=35141818

DM Call letter: https://gcdocsp.tbssct.local/gcdocs/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objaction=overview&objid=35463010

The data in the IT Plan is MAFd.

As of April 1st, the new Directive on Service and Digital takes effect: Approving an annual forward-looking three-year departmental plan for the integrated management of service, information, data, IT, and cyber security, which aligns with the CIO of Canada’s enterprise-wide integrated plan, is informed by subject-specific plans or strategies as appropriate, and includes a progress report on how it was implemented in the previous year

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