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Purpose of This Page

This page is intended for those in Business and Information Technology management who are tasked with responding to the annual Request for Departmental Information Technology (IT) Expenditure Information that has been requested by Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) to selected Government of Canada (GC) departments and Agencies.

This page provides tools to aid you in collecting and reporting departmental IT expenditures to TBS.


In the past, i.e. before 2009-10, the way departmental IT expenditures were planned and tracked had been left to the discretion of departments. This resulted in a diverse base of categories in use by individual departments, making it impossible at the GC level to properly consolidate IT expenditures in meaningful categories, or use this information for internal to government, benchmarking purposes.

GC could not attest to, nor properly report on its baseline IT spend. Given the current climate of fiscal restraint, parliament’s focus on spending as well as in addressing the OAG’s report on Aging IT, it became clear that we must establish an IT Expense Baseline for GC without further delay, as a prelude to informed IT management going forward.

For this reason, the Comptroller General of Canada and the Chief Information Office of Canada have jointly issued a Request for Departmental IT Expenses Information to selected departments and agencies.

To properly create a baseline for the future, TBS asked those departments and agencies to use a “high-level” expenditure model to capture the baseline for GC IT expenses starting with 2009-2010 data, and going forward with successive fiscal year data.

More information on IT Services Management and ongoing work for IT services costing is available on their respective GCPedia pages.

Important dates

Departments and agencies have been requested to report by:

October 31, 2018 The IT Expenditure Model v1.4 with 2017-18 data
October 31, 2017 The IT Expenditure Model v1.3 with 2016-17 data
October 24, 2016 The IT Expenditure Model v1.3 with 2015-16 data
October 23, 2015 The IT Expenditure Model v1.3 with 2014-15 data
October 15, 2014 The IT Expenditure Model v1.3 with 2013-14 data
October 15, 2013 The IT Expenditure Model v1.2 with 2012-13 data
September 28, 2012 The IT Expenditure Model v1.1 with 2011-12 data
September 15, 2011 The “high-level” expenditure model with 2010-11 expenditure data
March 1, 2011 The “high-level” expenditure model with 2009-10 expenditure data

Instructions - IT Expenditure Model


  1. Please click here to get all materials for the IT Expenditure Model version 1.4 for 2017-18 reporting, including the model file and guide.
  1. A memo duly signed by the CFO, should be scanned as a PDF file and accompany the departmental IT expenditure report.
  2. The report and the memo should be submitted to the CIOB-ITD mailbox.

Please ensure all required information has been entered in the spreadsheet, including contact information, before submitting, and indicate in the subject line that this is your departmental IT expenditure report submission.

Questions or Comments?

In case of any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to the CIOB-ITD mailbox.

Sample sign-off

As per the reporting guide, the CFO attestation is an indicative sign-off of the departmental IT Expenditure remit. Typically it is a free form text memo signed by the CFO (or delegate). Here is an example of a simplified sign-off:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Frequently Asked Questions are on page - Frequently Asked Questions

Please send all questions to: CIOB-ITD mailbox.

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