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About GCmobility

The GCMobility initiative is a joint partnership between Canada's Free Agents and Shared Services Canada. As the initiative grows so will the list of partners.

GCmobility Vision

By 2024,
Canadian Federal Public Servants can work
From anywhere,
At Anytime,
For any department and beyond


The primary objectives of this partnership are:

  1. Decrease the time it takes Free Agents to onboard and off board from their short term and rapid assignments throughout the Federal Government
  2. Decrease the technology footprint of SSC employees who are issued individual devices by each partner department for which they provide services

Value Proposition

The GCMobility initiative is for Canadian Public Servants who are part of HR Mobility Initiatives
They want the autonomy and technology support to manage their mobile career
We will develop and test new models for modern and mobile office workflows
That are easily transferable within and between departments and beyond
Unlike the current model offered by individual departments
Which creates disparate policies, technology services, supports and security models
GCMobility will iteratively and collaboratively develop and test new inter-departmental mobility models
That public servants and departments alike can rely on and trust to support a modern and mobile public service workforce

GCmobility Partners

Key Resources for GCmobility

  1. If you need an "Official GCmobility deck" then we have you covered
  2. If you prefer long form presentations then check out the DRAFT GCmobility long form recorded presentation (37 min)
  3. Are you interested in learning about the experiences of employees when mobility goes wrong, check out our presentation "GCmobility: Stories of mobility and Free Agency"
  4. Join the GCmobility community on GCcollab
  5. Follow project progress and Issue tracking in the GCmobile GIT repository on GCcode