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== Purpose ==
The purpose of this space is to have a TBS hosted repository of completed system and departmental Threat Assessments (TAs) and Threat and Risk Assessments (TRAs).  These documents may be of interest to the ESA community and may facilitate the work of any such new documents.
The links are active to unclassified and Protected A material only. For documents classified as Protected B or higher, an email requesting the documents must be sent to [mailto:ZZTBSCYBERS@tbs-sct.gc.ca ZZTBSCYBERS@tbs-sct.gc.ca] from your Departmental Security Officer (DSO) verifying that you have a security clearance that is valid and at the appropriate level, and that there is a need to know the information in these documents.
TBS Cyber Security welcomes any additional TAs and TRAs your Department may have produced and is willing to share.  Please send those documents to [mailto:ZZTBSCYBERS@tbs-sct.gc.ca ZZTBSCYBERS@tbs-sct.gc.ca]. It is your responsibility to ensure you have your Department’s authorization to share this information and that any sanitization of particularly sensitive information has taken place. TBS recognises that not all Departments want attribution associated with a particular document while others do. We will work to accommodate both.
== GC Level TAs and TRAs ==
* [[Media:GC ESA Enterprise Threat Assessment for Executives.pdf|GC ESA Enterprise Threat Assessment]] – Unclassified - CSE
* GC ESA Enterprise Threat Assessment – SECRET/CEO – CSE
== System Level TAs and TRAs ==
* Social Media Services – Protected B - Draft TRA – CBSA
* Social Media – Protected B - Final TRA – TBS
== Transformation Initiative TAs and TRAs ==
* Managed Web Services – Protected A – Draft – TBS
* Email Transformation Initiative (ETI) – Draft – TBS
* Human Resource Application Transformation Initiative (HRATI) – Draft – TBS
* GCDocs Transformation Initiative – Draft – TBS
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