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GC IT Lifecycle Integration – Today[edit | edit source]

The GC IT Lifecycle is a integrated process and set of data models describing the past, present and future of the IT portfolio.

Mature process:

  • Robust process working in the open through GCconnex
  • Info sessions with 150+ participants across 50+ departments
  • Measured through 6 MAF IM/IT indicators
  • Intake via an enterprise Clarity tool accessible to 59+ department/agencies

IT Lifecycle Integration img1.png

ITExp img1.png

IT Expenditure

  • Actual record of 100% of IT investments across the Department
  • CFO attested
  • Provides Departments with comparative reports showing similarly sized organizations

APM img1.png

Application Portfolio Management (APM)

  • Inventory of IT application assets
  • CIO approved
  • Informs future investments to address legacy

ITplan img1.png

IT Plan

  • Written strategic narrative
  • Online itemized list of 100% of current / planned IT investments
  • 100% alignment to the Departmental Programs
  • DM approved
  • Enterprise prioritization feeding quarterly CEPP for SSC prioritization

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