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Home IT Plan Application Portfolio Management (APM) IT Expenditure FAQs

Handy Reference Materials[edit | edit source]

Thumb policy.jpg

Policy on IM/IT

Link to the TBS policy that describes the mandate for GC EARB and outlines the related responsibilities for Departmental CIOs.

Thumb digitalstandards.jpg

GC Digital Standards

Summary view of the GC Digital Standards.


Directive on IT

Link to the criteria of when to come to EARB as well as the mandatory procedures to be incorporated.

Thumb archstandards.jpg

GC Enterprise Architecture and Architecture Standards

GC Enterprise Architecture and the Architecture Standard including the GC view of B-I-A-T-S+P.

Thumb presentertemp.jpg

GC EARB Presenter Template

“Presenter” intake presentation to be completed by departments.


Application Programming Standards

Link to TBS directive with detailed requirements for APIs.

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