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*Note some details may change prior to meeting.

March 1, 2019 -- FULL
Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
PSPC Industrial Security Sectors “Industrial Security Systems Transformation (ISST)” PSPC Endorsement
Geographic Information Systems Consolidation (GISC) DFO Endorsement
WLM Strategy for Stats STATS CAN Endorsement
Census of Agriculture STATS CAN Endorsement
Census of Population STATS CAN Endorsement

March 7, 2019
Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Next Gen Pay - Broader Update TBS Information
Grants and Contributions Digital Platform (GCDP) AFCC Endorsement
Conceptual architecture (exemption from SMCS, using GCCase Prot B in the cloud) PHC Follow-up
Passenger Protect Program PS Endorsement
Case Management Modernization CHRC Endorsement
Exemption Request from using Signin Canada GAC Exemption
The Digital Communications Program – YES Replacement Project Implementation Plan SSC Endorsement
** Affiliated with DigiComms
TBS Endorsement

March 21, 2019 -- FULL
Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Gartner reviews of the CRA SAP Finance & HR Implementations CRA Information
Exemption Request from Microsoft CRM Dynamics (Cannabis Project) HC Follow-up
DINA (manage & provide public access to information on scientific collections) AAFC Endorsement
Federal Science and Technology Infrastructure Initiative (FSTII) & The Science Strategy Transition Plan (SSTP) / Government of Canada Science Network (GCSN) SSC Information
Passenger Protect Program CBSA Endorsement
Entry - Exit CBSA Endorsement
Export Import Control System II - follow up on a single window for business GAC Endorsement
Modernization Data Analytics as a Service platform STATS CAN Endorsement
Data Foundation CSC Endorsement

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