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{|class="wikitable  sortable" style="width:100%;"
|+ class="nowrap" | <div style="font-size: 1.2em; text-align: left;">Le 19 juin, 2019 - <span style="color:red;">COMPLET</span></div>
! Points présentés!! Présentateur!! Objet
| width=50% | Canada.CA Search Engine || width=25% | ESDC/TBS || width=25% | Endorsement
| information Technology Service Mgt. (ITSM) Tool  || PSPC|| Endorsement
| Accessible ICT - Policy Implementation  || TBS|| Endorsement
| Search & Rescue Mission Management System (SMMS) || DND || Endorsement
| GC Mainframe Strategy || TBS || Endorsement
| Contract Policing Enhanced Reporting (CPER) - SAP/HANA|| RCMP || Endorsement 
| Summit Accreditation System (SAS) - Exemption from Signin Canada || GAC|| Exemption
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This page was last updated on June 21, 2019

July 4, 2019 - FULL

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Contact Centre SSC Endorsement
Guidance for Electronic Signature TBS Endorsement
GC Case - Status Update & Roadmap PSPC Endorsement
Enterprise Monitoring Solution SSC Endorsement
Digital Identity Reference Architecture - Program Overview TBS Endorsement
Electronic Managerial In-Box (eMIB) PSC Information
GC Jobs Transformation PSC Information
GC DATA Architecture - Update TBS Information
Drone Companion Application - SignIn Exemption TC Consent
Temporary Resident Program - System IRCC/CBSA Consent

July 25, 2019

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
NO Scheduled Meeting

August 8, 2019

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
NO Scheduled Meeting

August 22, 2019 - FULL

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Digital Services & eCertificaiton CFIA Endorsement
Mobile Channel ISED Endorsement
DINA (manage & provide public access to information on scientific collections) AAFC Endorsement
SAP Implementation DFO Endorsement
Video Conferencing SSC Endorsement
Data Foundation (Follow-up) CSC Information
Generic Passage Flow (Follow UP) CBSA Information
Space Reservation System (SRS)- Update PSPC Information
Polis SaaS Purchase (Lessons Learned) PCH Information

September 5, 2019 - FULL

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
GC End-to-End Network Reference Architecture ** Annual Update SSC Endorsement
Workload Migration Strategy for Aviation Parkway DC SSC Endorsement
Workload Migration Strategy for Dorval DC (ECCC) SSC Endorsement
Information Technology Service Mgt. (ITSM) SSC Information
Federal Science and Technology Infrastructure Initiative (FSTII) + The Science Strategy Transition Plan (SSTP) + Government of Canada Science Network (GCSN) SSC Information
Document Upload using Sharepoint Extension (Follow Up) ESDC Information
Secure Communications Project (Follow Up) PCO Information
DND Recruiting Website (Follow Up) DND Information
Government of Canada Secret Infrastructure (GCSI) *IN CAMERA* SSC Information

September 19, 2019 - FULL

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
National Cyber Crime - Architecture RCMP Endorsement
NextGen HR Pay Architecture TBS Endorsement
Cannabis Update HC Endorsement
Mobility Open Profile TBS Endorsement
1-800 O-Canada Business Model Review and Contract Re-Procurement (Follow UP) ESDC Information
Ecosystem and Fisheries Management - Architectural updates (Follow UP) DFO Information
Impact Assessments (Follow Up) Multi Information

October 3, 2019

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Federal Policing Cybercrime Enforcement RCMP Endorsement
Financial Management Transformation (Update) TBS Information
W2K8 Upgrade to Win2016 (Test & Development in Cloud) SSC Information
Open by Default (Follow Up) TBS Information
Digital Communication and Collaborations ** IN CAMERA ** SSC Endorsement
3 Spots Available TBD TBD

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