GC Cyber Security Event Management

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Cyber security events related to Government of Canada (GC) information systems can have a significant impact on the delivery of government programs and services to Canadians and, consequently, confidence in government. The ability to respond to cyber security events in a consistent, coordinated and timely manner across the GC is essential to ensure the security and resilience of GC program and service delivery.

The GC Cyber Security Event Management Plan (GC CSEMP) provides an operational framework for the enterprise management of cyber security events (including cyber threats, vulnerabilities or security incidents) that impact or threaten to impact the GC's ability to deliver programs and services to Canadians. The GC CSEMP outlines the stakeholders and actions required to ensure that cyber security events are addressed in a consistent, coordinated and timely fashion GC-wide.

Purpose of this Page

This page will act as a centralized location where security practioners can obtain information related to the GC CSEMP, including supporting tools and guidance necessary to perform cyber security event management related duties.

Using This Page

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