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Career Boot Camp (CBC)

Career Boot Camp (CBC) is a learning series offered in partnership with the Canada School of Public Service, offering workshops, group discussions, mentoring sessions and kiosks for new and young public servants navigating their public service careers.

Check out the Career Boot Camp GCwiki page for more info.

Welcome Students

For all information specific for students, please follow GC Students on Twitter, LinkedInand on their Wiki Page.

Virtual Learning Series

Take at look at the calendar of upcoming events in our FYN Virtual Learning Series.

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Want to learn about and get more involved in mentorship, either as a mentor or mentee? Check out GCwiki for mentorship resources and a mentoring living library!

New Public Servant Toolbox

Essential Policies Code of Values and Ethics How Government Works Pay ATIP Acceptable Network and Device Use Policy on Harassment
Associated Learning Workplace

GCcampus: Values and Ethics (C255) GCcampus: Respectful Workplace (G417)

Public Servant Basics

GCcampus: Who We Work For (C218) GCcampus: Phoenix Employees (C601)

GCcampus: ATIP Fundamentals (I015)

Mental Health

GCcampus: Mental Health Awareness (Z041) GCcampus: Signs, Symptoms and Solutions (Z067)

Indigenous Awareness

GCcampus: Indigenous Learning Series GCcampus: What I Know and What I Don't Know (K099)

GCcampus: First Nations in Canada (K101)

Official Languages

GCcampus: Introduction to Official Languages (P311)

Career Development

GCcampus: Plan to Further Your Career (H014) GCcampus: Building Your Professional Network (D006)


GCcampus: Bridging the Diversity Gap (W003)

Government Priorities Public Service Renewal

and Youth

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Working Virtually

With the swift implementation of physical distancing measures, many public servants have had to adapt to teleworking. The following resources have been gathered, from various Government of Canada sources, to support new public servants.

BUSRIDES guide to going remote

FlexGC Network Trello board of resource

FlexGC Network


If you find there are a lot of acronyms in your work, you are not alone.

Here is a user-generated glossary to many commonly used GC acronyms and PSPC offers an official list as well.