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Running a provincial/territorial top task survey

To run the top task identification study, we recommend you use our survey software. It will only take minor modifications to work with your sites.

Below is an outline of how it works and what we need.

List of tasks

  1. Review the master list of questions
  1. Create a new tab for your version or create your own Excel copy so you can work on it offline.
  2. In your own tab or copy, modify, add or remove tasks from the list to suit your situation - and replace ‘Government of Canada’ with your jurisdiction
  • There are multiple choice questions before and after the task voting that may need to be tweaked to remove “Canada.ca”. You may also wish to remove them entirely (Example: location)
  1. Right now, the list is only translated into French. If additional languages are required, our survey platform can handle both syllabics and roman alphabet characters. Add any translations into your sheet.

Setting up the survey

When you have your list and questions finalized, let us know that it’s in the sheet (or send it back to usin Excel). We will set up your survey and send you a link to test.

Right now the visual identifiers on the survey are for the Government of Canada, but these can be modified using your logos.

Example top task study

Posting the survey on your site

Once we have the survey built, we’ll provide the links to you so that you can post the invitation on your site.

We use an invitation box that floats at the bottom of each page. This is customized for Canada.ca, but we have code for an invitation box that we can provide if you need it.


We will provide links so that you can download the results and have a copy. Gerry McGovern will do the analysis and provide the results using quartiles and rankings.