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ISEO Events
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ISEO 2022 is now in full swing!

For ISEO 2022 we are focusing on providing increased supports and resources for students. Some of the events happening this year will be:

  • Mentorship activities
  • Network activities
  • Indigenous students can now self-register to our initiative (inclusive to students hired through FSWEP, CO-OP and casual hires)
  • Engagement with students through the GCTools suite

The Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity (ISEO) is a national recruitment initiative for students who self-declare as Aboriginal under the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP). The initiative features an onboarding process, training, activities, and support services designed for both students and managers/supervisors. We offer these services in-line with our 4 pillars: Recruitment, Orientation & Onboarding, Learning & Development, and Retention.

If you would like to join the Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity (ISEO) please let us know so that we can invite you to attend mentorship & networking sessions, trainings & workshops, and other exciting opportunities!

To register, please ask your manager to complete this short form here with you in order to be included in our activities culturally designed for Indigenous talents. Once registered, you will receive updates by email regarding ISEO.


2022-2023 - Information Toolkit for Indigenous students

The National Indigenous Student Circle's Page

Are you part of our Facebook group: National Indigenous Student Circle (NISC)? We share information about events, activities, and podcasts for Indigenous students by Indigenous students where you can learn on various topics such as:

  • Why it is important to Self-declare
  • How to Apply to GoC
  • and much more!

Don't wait and join NISC today!

Featured Networks

Networking will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, provide you with social support, and gain access to the necessary resources which can allow you to exchange resources with others (e.g., helping one another) to help foster your personal and career development.

Be sure to look if your specific department features a Young Professionals Network and/or Indigenous Advisory Circle.

Recommended Training

There are five main courses which revolve around Reconciliation and cultural awareness. You can find the links below:

Careers and recruitment

General Information