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FLOSSING - Free Libre Open Source Software in Government[edit | edit source]

Who are we?

This is a Treasury Board led group under the Enterprise Architecture Domain, and is open to members of Crown Institutions and the Public as a whole.


The priorities of this community of practice are to enable the awareness, discovery and creation of Open Source across the Government of Canada, including but not limited to Departments, Agencies, Provincial, Municipal, Crown Corporations and the public as a whole.

  1. Improve Awareness
  2. Improve Discover-ability
  3. Develop and Identify Research and Metrics to support Open Source
  4. Expand Guidance


This group is open to all individuals interested in working collaboratively to enable further collaboration. Expectations are that members are given time to attend Meetings and perform tasks associated with work items, and are not expected to do activities associated outside work hours.


This group meets monthly for 1 hour and a half. You can find meeting details:

Each meeting begins with a round table, and then will proceed in an 'Unconference' style to avoid hierarchical aspects of conventional meetings in an effort to produce non-traditional solutions to problems.

Discussion and activity will however largely occur from Online Discussion.

Online Discussions [Sign Up]

You can participate in Discussion via this group, or access in real time from GCMessage.

Access for Public

The public is welcome and invited to participate, please contact Nick Schonning if you do not have access to the Group or GCMessage platform .

Other Materials