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!Contact Information
!Contact Information
!GC Site
!GC Tools site/ Social Media Handle
|'''Ymagin Ontario Region'''
|'''Ymagin Ontario Region'''

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The goal of this page is to help maximize public service resources by ensuring that events which appeal to a large cross section of government workers can be effectively advertised.

There are numerous public service teams, working groups, communities of practice and influential individuals who play a large role in engaging public servants. There are also many engagement activities which are organized by these teams. The aim of this site is to ensure that the events put on by these groups reach a maximum number of public servants particularly if they deal with national priorities.

Below is a distribution list of groups and individuals interested in engaging public servants. The list can then be used by organizers of activities to promote local or national seminars, WebExes and other events which appeal to a large cross section of the public service. This should aid in breaking down silos, building networks, increasing collaboration and spreading best practices within the public service.

If you regularly engage with your colleagues or are part of a team or working group, please add your contact information below. If you require assistance in adding your group, please email muhammedali.khan@servicecanada.gc.ca

Employee Engagement Network
Individual/Group Department/Agency Region Contact Information GC Tools site/ Social Media Handle
Ymagin Ontario Region ESDC Ontario ON-YMAGIN-IMAJIN-GD@hrdc-drhc.net https://gcconnex.gc.ca/groups/profile/35835575/ymagin-ontario-region?language=en
CRA’s Ontario Region Young Professionals Network CRA Ontario CRA-ARC_AYC-CJA-G@CRA-ARC.GC.CA https://gcconnex.gc.ca/groups/profile/7444067/canada-revenue-agency-young-professionals-network-agence-du-revenu-du-canada-reseau-des-jeunes-professionnels
TC Young Professionals' Network TC All ypn-rjc@tc.gc.ca https://gcconnex.gc.ca/groups/profile/3221099/tc-ypn-transport-canada-young-professionals-network-rjp-tc-reseau-des-jeunes-professionnels-de-transports-canada?language=en
Vanguard: PSPC's Young Professionals Network PSPC All TPSGC.AvantGardeRjp-VanguardYpn.PWGSC@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca

Professionals Network (SPN)

Stats Can Ontario/NCR statcan.spn-rps.statcan@canada.ca https://gcconnex.gc.ca/groups/profile/19838073/statcan-young-professionals-network-sypn-seau-des-jeunes-professionnels-de-statcan-rjps?language=en
National Capital Region Young Professionals Network (NCRYPN) ALL NCR ncrypn.rjprcn@gmail.com https://gccollab.ca/groups/profile/20651/enncrypn-national-capital-region-young-professionals-networkfrrjprcn-ru00e9seau-des-jeunes-professionnels-de-la-ru00e9gion-de-la-capitale-nationale
Next Generation's Leaders Network INAC NCR leaders@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca
AFC Young Professional Network Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada

NCR YPN-RJP@agr.gc.ca
CBSA Next Generation Network CBSA NCR NGN-RPG@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca
Innovo - Professional Development Network Canada School of Public Service

École de la fonction publique du Canada

NCR Melisa.Altundag@canada.ca http://www.gcpedia.gc.ca/wiki/Canada_School_of_Public_Service/Innovo_-_Professional_Development_Network
Réseau des leaders émergents /Emerging Leaders Network Commission de la fonction publique / Public Service Commission cfp.rle-eln.psc@canada.ca GcCollab


Health Canada YPN Health Canada National HC.YPN-RJP.SC@canada.ca
YMAGIN ESDC National ymagin-imajin@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca
CSPS Digital Academy Learning Community CSPS National cspsdigitalacademy_academiedunumeriqueefpc@da-an.ca https://www.gcpedia.gc.ca/wiki/CSPS_Digital_Academy
Team Leader Community of Practice ESDC Western and Territories W-T-TLCOP-CDCDE-GD@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca https://gcconnex.gc.ca/groups/profile/33155741/w-t-team-leaders-community-of-practice?language=en