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ESDC Event Sharing Network

This network can be used to increase collaboration amongst branches, regions and workplaces within ESDC. It allows employees and teams to maximize resources, build bridges and spread best practices by sharing event details with each other.

Increasing the diversity of learning opportunities will lead to a department that is more agile, equipped and inclusive along with more connected. If your event is online and appeals to a large group of public servants please share it with the below groups. Please continue adding the contact details of groups interested in employee engagement particularly at the local office level.

If you require any assistance please email [1]

ESDC's Networks, Teams and Communities of Practice

Network Region/National Contact Information Website
Visible Minorities Network National http://iservice.prv/eng/hr/employment_equity/topics/visible_minority_network/index.shtml
Black Engagement and Advancement Team National http://esdc.prv/en/intersection/2021/01/lv1_01-29-2021_1611867194877.shtml
Employee Pride Network National NA-ReseauNetwork_FIERTE-PRIDE-GD http://iservice.prv/eng/hr/employment_equity/topics/pride/index.shtml
Employees with Disabilities Network National http://iservice.prv/eng/hr/employment_equity/key_links/EDN.shtml
Indigenous Employees’ Circle (IEC) National http://iservice.prv/eng/hr/employment_equity/key_links/AEC.shtml
Transformation Engagement Team National http://esdc.prv/en/department/service-strategy/corner/events.shtml
ESDC Speakers Bureau National http://esdc.prv/en/intersection/2020/03/lr1_03-02_1583427306582.shtml
YMAGIN National
Skills and Employment Branch—Administrative Professional Network National http://esdc.prv/en/seb/srv/ccp/apn.shtml
Skills and Employment Branch—Managers' Network National DGCE RG / MN SEB (EDSC/ESDC) http://esdc.prv/en/seb/srv/ccp/mn.shtml
Skills and Employment Branch—YMAGIN Network National http://esdc.prv/en/seb/srv/ccp/ymagin.shtml
Atlantic Employment Equity & Diversity Committee ATL Region http://esdc.prv/en/service-canada/atlantic/committees_and_communities/AEEDC.shtml
The Quebec Administrative Professional Network (APN) Que Region http://edsc.prv/en/service-canada/quebec/us/governance/apn/index.shtml
YMAGIN Quebec Que Region
Diversity and Employment Equity Committee (DEEC) W-T Region http://blogs-blogues.prv/W-T_SSB_DGSS/deec/
YMAGIN Western Territories W-T Region W-T-YMAGIN-IMAJIN-GD

ESDC Informal Learning Network

Looking for guest speakers for your next event? In search of a mentor? The ESDC Informal Learning Network is a list of ESDC employees along with their areas of expertise and contact details. They can be contacted by any network in our department for their next event. If you are interested in sharing your expertise please grow the network by adding your own contact details below:

Name Position / Dept Language Location Can Travel Can Mentor Teleconference


WebEx Topics Email
Calvin Rodo Senior Advisor - Application Development, ESDC English Ottawa If you are paying yes yes yes Open Source (how to open source software, what it means), Software Development, Maintainable Software Development Practices, Containers, Cloud, Cloud Native Development.
Justin Patrick Policy Analyst English Phase IV, Gatineau, QC Ideally within the NCR Yes Video - Possible

Tele - Yes

Yes Digital Government, GCTools, Employee Engagement, Student Engagement, Youth Policy  ;
Jana.Seymour Senior Learning Consultant English Toronto within GTA Yes Yes Yes Consulting Skills, Instructional Design, Performance and Learning, Competency Based Management, Organizational Effectiveness
Laura Green Business Expertise English Chatham Within Chatham Yes Yes Yes Business Expertise, Vocational Rehabilitation
Karen Igra Wolanski Service Manager English Toronto within GTA Yes Yes Yes People Management, Goal Setting, Staffing
Jessica Dhaliwal Integrity Services Investigator English Abbotsford Within Lower Mainland Yes Yes Yes Governexx, Career Marketplace
Sarah Sulaman Service Canada Benefits Officer English Toronto Within GTA Yes Yes Yes Writing and Editing Workshop (Grammar, Syntax, Style)
Sarah Reda Conseillère en communications / Communications Advisor Bilingual Montreal Possible Yes Yes Yes Social Media, GCTools, Networking, Career Dévelopment, Employee Engagement
Jennifer Dyke Advisor with ESDC English St. John's, Newfoundland Yes Yes Tele - Yes

Video - Possible

Yes Indigenous Recruitment, Retention & Advancement; Reconciliation;

Career Development; Networking; Public Speaking; Design Thinking; Co-Development; Engagement; GoC Communities of Practice
Fannie Bernard Project Manager Bilingual Bathurst New Brunswick Yes Yes Yes Yes Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, 5 Languages of Appreciation, People Managemenet
Roger Otis Service Manager, Service Canada Bilingual Quebec City Possible Yes Yes Yes Leadership LMX, Resilience, Achieving High Reliability Organization Status, Integrated Management Framwork, Mental Health, Cognitive Dominance, Individual Performance Evaluation, Strategic Planning and HR Strategic Planning

Gaylene Higgs Team Leader Service Canada English Toronto Yes Yes Yes Yes Employee Management, The Pride Network, Positive Space
Corina Franklyn Learning Consultant English Vancouver, BC In the Vancouver Area Yes Yes Yes Event Planning, Facilitation.
Cat McDonald Customer Service Officer English Edmonton, AB Yes Yes Yes No Professional writing, technical writing, editing and design. Production of promotional and professional material.