EE Informal Networking and Mentorship - Réseau informel et mentorat de l'EE

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Mentorship Resources

Welcome to the GC Mentorship Community / Bienvenue à la communauté du mentorat du GC

How It Works Comment ça fonctionne
EE Informal Networking and Mentorship Platform provides equity and equity seeking GoC professionals with the opportunity to informally network with, and learn from, colleagues who come from similar backgrounds or who may share similar lived experiences.  

The program can be used to set up small coffee meetings between employees across departments and levels. This is a grassroots initiative supported by the NCRYPN, the Federal Youth Network and GC Students in collaboration with the Anti-Racism Ambassadors Network.

La plateforme de réseautage informel et de mentorat de l'EME offre aux professionnels du GC en quête d'équité et d'équité la possibilité de réseauter de façon informelle avec des collègues qui viennent de milieux similaires ou qui partagent des expériences vécues similaires, et d'apprendre d'eux.  

Le programme peut être utilisé pour organiser de petites rencontres autour d'un café entre employés de différents services et niveaux. Il s'agit d'une initiative locale soutenue par le NCRYPN, le Réseau fédéral des jeunes et les étudiants du GC, en collaboration avec le Réseau des ambassadeurs de l'antiracisme.

Want To Get Involved? Souhaitez-vous impliquer?
There are two ways to become a mentor. You can:
  • Send us an email (emails at the bottom of the page); or
  • You can edit this page yourself and add yourself to our shelves with the follow steps!
    1. Click the "Edit" button at the top of this page.
    2. Scroll down to the Mentor Community section.
    3. Click a cell in the table. At the side (row) and top (column) of this cell, you will see little arrows ( ">") pointing to the cell. If you click on this, it will give you an option to "Insert Above", "Insert Below", etc. Insert a row and fill out your information in order to become a Mentor in our library!
Il y a deux façons de devenir un mentor. Vous pouvez :
  • Nous envoyer un courriel (courriels au bas de la page) ; ou,
  • Vous pouvez éditer vous-même cette page et vous ajouter à nos étagères en suivant les étapes suivantes !
    1. Cliquez sur le bouton « Modifier » en haut de cette page.
    2. Faites défiler la page jusqu'à la section Communauté de mentors.
    3. Cliquez sur une cellule du tableau. Sur le côté (ligne) et en haut (colonne) de cette cellule, vous verrez des petites flèches (« > ») pointant vers la cellule. Si vous cliquez dessus, vous aurez l'option « Insérer au-dessus », « Insérer en dessous », etc. Insérez une ligne et remplissez vos informations afin de devenir un mentor dans notre bibliothèque !
Name / Nom Pronoun / pronom Email Position / Dept Member of an Equity or Equity Seeking Group(s) / membre d'un groupe d'équité ou de recherche d'équité Can Informally Mentor (Y/N) / peut être un mentor informel Interested in Networking with Other Equity Employees / intéressé par le réseautage avec des employés d'équité Areas of Interest / Expertise / domaines d'intérêt / d'expertise Can be a guest speaker / Peut être un conférencier invité
Adwoa Gyasi-Nimako She/Her Advisor/ESDC Black Yes Yes Recruitment, Retention, Advancement, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Networking. Yes
Aïssatou Keita She/Her Policy Analyst GBA+ Center of Expertise Black, African (sub-Saharan) Yes Yes Networking, community outreach, Collaboration, GoC, Policies, Diversity and Inclusion, Career/Personal Development Yes
Anna Candido She/her Plain language editor / Impact Assessment Agency Filipino


Racialized / visible minority

Yes Yes Communication, writing, plain language, anti-racism, equity diversity and inclusion No
Anu Shukla-Jones She/Her Senior Advisor / Canadian Institutes of Health Research Racialized / South Asian Yes Yes Engagement and consultation, Policy Development and Implementation, Peer Support/Advocacy, Career Advancement, Leading teams, Sharing (information, resources and experiences), Mental health and wellness Yes
Christopher K. Scipio He/Him Currently on interchange/assignment as the Senior Advisor, Black Executive Network/Le Reseau des executifs noirs (BEN/REN). Home department: Department of National Defence, Senior GBA+ Advisor Black Yes Yes GBA+, anti-racism & anti-oppression, talent management, leadership, conflict resolution, self-advocacy, policy innovation.    Yes
Diyyinah Jamora She / Her Social Media Analyst / ISC/CIRNAC Filipino Yes Yes Social Media, Networking Yes
Felicie Hassika She/ her Anti-racism Equity Diversity and Inclusion / OSIP Afro-Canadian Yes Yes SME in AREDI topics Networking, Employee Engagement, Community Building, Leading Teams, Collaboration, AREDI workshops delivery, BEN network executive member Yes
Kenza El Bied She / Her DG/ regional operations sector / ISC Visible Minority Yes Yes Recruitment, advancement, retention, diversity and inclusion, leadership skills and any other areas Yes
Latoya Barham She / Her Lead of Anti-Racism, Anti—Discrimination, Inclusion and wellbeing taskforce / Transport Canada Black (Caribbean) No Yes Networking, Idea sharing, collaboration, CoP, Leading Teams   No
Makenzy Ricketts She/ Her A/ Labour Relations Advisor Black No Yes Networking, Employee Engagement, Community Building, Leading Teams, Collaboration, GC Communities of Practice Yes
Marsha Thompson She/Her Transformation Management Branch / ESDC Black, women, Person with invisible disability Yes Yes Networking, Employee Engagement, Community Building, Leading Teams, Collaboration, micromissions Yes
Melanie Wyke She / Her Senior Program Advisor,

Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative


Black, South Asian, mixed / Caribbean


Yes Yes Networking, Employee Engagement, Community Building, Leading Teams, Collaboration, Anti-Racism Initiatives, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives Yes
Mikelle Sasakamoose She/her TC TMX Secretariat, Transport Canada First Nations, Status Indian Yes Yes Networking, Employee Engagement, Community Building, Leading Teams, Collaboration, GC Communities of Practice, Recruitment and Retention Yes
Moss Elmouftaquir


He/His Co-chair of ESDC Visible Minorities Network African Yes Yes Brainstorming on ideas to improve D&I, Networking and Engagement, Anti-racism training, discrimination/racism conflict resolution, Recruitment/Retention, Support   Yes
Muhammed (Ali) Khan He / Him Diversity and Inclusion / ISC South Asian Yes Yes Networking, Employee Engagement, Community Building, Leading Teams, Collaboration, GC Communities of Practice Yes
Nicole Bekzadeh She / Her Business Expertise Senior Consultant / Service Canada Black, Woman Yes Yes Employee Engagement, Leading Teams, Wellness, Career Development, Diversity Yes
Reshmeena Lalani She/Her Section Manager, International and Large Business Audit at CRA South Asian Yes Yes Networking, Collaboration and Knowledge sharing to break down silos Yes
Rubina Boucher She/her BDSB/PSO South Asian Yes Yes Peer support/self-advocacy, Transformative Story Telling, Intersectionality, AOP, Social Work, Community Studies, Disability Management, Evolving the concept of Inclusion in the workplace - moving towards Belonging... “Belonging Together” Yes
Sagal Abdullahi She/Her Black Engagement and Advancement Team/ ESDC Black Women Yes Yes Networking, Engagement, Community Building, Collaboration, Leading Teams, Project Management, Change Management Yes
Tabassum Khan She/Her Advisor, DEI / OSFI-BSIF South Asian, Muslim Yes Yes Informal Mentorship, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Networking, Retention, Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, Multiculturalism, Gender, and Unconscious Bias Yes
Teresa Morgan She/Her Regional Field Coordinator ON & NU/Joint Learning  Program Black Canadian Yes Yes Networking, Community Engagement, Allyship, Leading Teams, Collaboration, Recruitment/Retention, Support   Yes
Hans Park He/Him Senior Labour Relations Advisor Korean/East Asian Yes Yes Labour Relations, HR, Networking, Learning, Mentoring, Future of Work, Coaching, Career Development, Wellness and Employee Support Yes