EARB Past Sessions - Archived 2018

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December 13, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Species at Risk (SAR) Renewal Project ECCC Endorsement
WeatherCan Messaging Solution ECCC Endorsement
Canadian Food Safety Information Network (CFSIN) CFIA Endorsement
Multi Departmental Software Contracts PSPC Information
Cloud Adoption Strategy CBSA Consent

November 29, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Phoenix – PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade PSPC Endorsement
Offender Management System Modernization CSC Endorsement
Update on Concept Case TBS Information
Matane – Document Imaging Solutions Centre (DISC) PSPC Information
Next Generation Pay and Human Resources TBS Information
Canadian Digital Service Protected B Cloud – CRA Discovery CDS Consent !
Single Sign-On Project (Exemption) DND Consent

November 15, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Case Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) Architectural Review CBSA Endorsement
Passport Program Modernization Initiative IRCC Endorsement
Case, Contact & Emergency Management Project GAC Endorsement
Matane – Document Imaging Solutions Centre (DISC) PSPC Information
Space Reservation System for Government of Canada Workplace PSPC Consent
Biometrics Scheduling Tool ESDC Consent
Parent/Grand-parent Program IRCC Consent
Sophia for Intellectual Property Management CSA Consent

November 1, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Digital Mailroom CRA Endorsement
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Kingsbridge PSPC Endorsement
Vidcruiter PSPC Endorsement
Information Technology Infrastructure Service and Technology Landscape Document 2.0 SSC Consent

October 19, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Mobile BBME ITPIN TBS Endorsement
Low Impact SaaS GAC Endorsement
Public Website CMS Renewal VAC Endorsement
Directive on Automated Decision Making/Amendments to Directive on IT TBS Endorsement
Low Code Platform HC Endorsement
Data Warehouse Modernizations VAC Endorsement
Digital Communications (In-camera) SSC Endorsement

September 27, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Courts and Registry Management System CAS Endorsement
Carbon Pricing – TB Submission ECCC Endorsement
Document Upload – Using SharePoint Extension ESDC Endorsement
The Digital/Architectural Standard TBS Information

September 13, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Open First White Paper TBS Information
Impact Assessment and Cumulative Effects Related Systems - TB Submission NRCan/CEAA/TC/ECCC/CNEB/DFO Endorsement
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insights in Regulations RFP CSPS/TBS Information
Offender Management System (OMS) Data Foundation CSC Endorsement
Overview of the HR & Pay Program TBS Information
Mined Fuel ( INT-16500-D4G1Y2 ) DFO Consent
CMS Renewal Project ATSSC Consent
Service Management Strategy Annual Update 2018-19 SSC Consent
Visible Thread - Software analysis for language used in web content - TB Sub GAC Consent

August 30, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Standard on Automated Decision Making and Algorithmic Assessment TBS Information
Asset Discovery & Inventory Management SSC Endorsement
Recruiting DND Endorsement
Secure Comms Project (In Camera) PCO/SSC Information
Smart Phone for Classified (SPFC) Project (In Camera) SSC Information
Government of Canada Secret Infrastructure (GCSI) Expansion Project (In Camera) SSC Information
Office & IT Asset Relocation OCL Consent
BOMGAR Remote Support Application NRC Consent
HubStream RCMP Consent
GC Surplus PSPC Consent

July 12, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
CBSA Assessment and Revenue Mgt. (CARM) CBSA Information
CRA Secure Portal Project CRA Information
Clarifying the requirements for the GC EARB TBS Information
Agile Procurement - Enhanced Maritime Situation Awareness TC Information
Talent Cloud Prot A TBS Endorsement
GC EARB 1 Year Anniversary (In Camera) TBS Information

June 28, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Low impact SAAS - Cloud Request Process Change GAC Endorsement
GCcase PSPC Endorsement
GC End to End Network Reference Architecture SSC Endorsement
Integration Standards (ITSM Standards) SSC Endorsement
Wi-Fi (use-cases and options ) SSC Endorsement
Canadian Digital Service (CDS) TBS Information
Twisted Wave PCH Consent
Cloud IaaS OSGG Consent
Slido CSA Consent
Vibe CSA Consent
Phoenix Contract  PCPC Consent

June 14, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Pol.is SaaS Demo PCH Information
Ecosystem and Fisheries Management DFO Endorsement
Windows 10 PIN TBS Information
E1 800 O-Canada Business Model Review and Contract Re-Procurement (In Camera) ESDC Endorsement
Electronic Major Case Management (eMCM) RCMP Consent
Experiment to validate Polis as a Viable Public Engagement Platform (PCH) PCH Consent

May 31, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
GC Data Strategy Information TBS Information
GC Enterprise Data Architecture TBS Endorsement
GC Project and Portfolio Management - Clarity Implementation TBS Endorsement
Windows Server 2008 ITPIN TBS Endorsement
GC Sharepoint PSPC Endorsement

May 18, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Digital Services Modernization Strategy CRA Information
CRA Architecture Program CRA Information
CRA Cloud Adoption Strategy CRA Information
Business Model for TurboTax (OneGC) CRA Information
Verify.Me CRA Information
Linguistic Services Request Management System PSPC Endorsement

May 10, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Transformationat ESDC: Service Transformational Plan (STP) ESDC Information
Transformation at ESDC: Benefits Delivery Modernization (BDM) ESDC Information
Identity Services and Access Management Solution (iSAMS) ESDC Information
Transformation at ESDC: Canada.ca ESDC Information
ESDC Enterprise Architecture Program ESDC Information
ESDC Project: Departmental Account Receivable System (DARS)Replacement Project ESDC Endorsement
ESDC Project: Canada's Digital Interchange (CDI) Pilot Project:My Alberta Digital Identity ESDC Endorsement
ESDC Project: Tell-Us-Once/Direct Deposit and AddressInformation Sharing Initiative (DAISI) ESDC Endorement
ESDC Project Job Bank 3.0 ESDC Endorsement
ESDC Project: Emergency Management Application System (EMAS) ESDC Endorsement
SSC IT Refresh TB Submission SSC Endorsement
Direction on Opening Access to Web Services TBS Information
Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS) CCCS Consent

April 26, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Passport Modernization Initiative IRCC Endorsement
GC Blockchain Day TBS Information
Parks Canada PC Exemption Request

April 5, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
GenericPassage Flow CBSA Endorsement
Window Server 2008 Upgrade SSC Endorsement
Windows10 Basic Configuration SSC Endorsement
ITSM Standards SSC Information
WorkloadMigration Strategy SSC Information
Services and Technology Roadmap SSC Endorsement
Mobile Devices: Managed App List and Way Forward TBS Endorsement
GC Digital Identity Strategy – Evolved Cyber Authentication Service (Sign In Canada) TBS Endorsement

March 22, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Amendmentsto the Policy on Management of Information Technology and Policy on Information Management and Complementary Initiatives TBS Information
Data Strategy TBS Information
Cyber Security Review - GC Internal Consultation Strategy TBS Endorsement
Canadian Food Safety Information Network CFIA Endorsement
Veterans Affairs Canada Learning Management System & VAC Pension for Life VAC Endorsement
GC Cloud Reference Architecture TBS Information
GC Cloud Roles & Responsibilities Matrix TBS Information
Cloud Adoption Strategy (AMOPS, Whitepaper) TBS Consent

March 8, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Shared Case Management System Roadmap PSPC Endorsement
X-Roads Update TBS Information
HTTPS Everywhere TBS Endorsement
Electronic Procurement System (EPS) PSPC Information
HANA DND Consent

February 22, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Digital Workspace Reference Architecture Concept TBS Endorsement
Treasury Board of Secretariat – Internal Credential Management Service: SHA-256 Migration TBS  Consent
Cloud Intake TBS Consent

February 8, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
GC Cloud Reference Architecture TBS Endorsement
Cloud Roles and Responsibilities Matrix TBS Endorsement
SSC Cloud Adoption Strategy SSC Endorsement
On-premise Managed Infrastructure as a Service SSC Endorsement
CBSA Cloud Adoption Strategy CBSA Endorsement
Simple LAMP Server for Asset Management Systems Testing FedDev Consent
Looking for innovation subscription CFIA Consent
 GCFM solution requires multiple IaaS services TBS Consent
Can.Eco. Dev. for Quebec Regions - Skype for business integrated with active directory CED Consent

January 24, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
Exemption Request CRM - Cannabis Project HC Endorsement
VAC Benefits/Case Management VAC Endorsement
GC Cloud Architecture Day TBS/CIOB Information
CSPS Enhancement to GC Campus Platform CSPS Consent
CBSA SAP HANA, Database Edition for Business Warehouse CBSA Consent
HPC pilots for researchers and Graphics Processing Units NRC Consent

January 12, 2018
Items Presented Presenter Purpose
UpdatedCloud Adoption Strategy TBS Endorsement
Conceptual Architecture for PCH Business Modernization PCH Endorsement
Canadian Transportation Agency – Case Management – SCMS -Exemption  CTA Consent
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – SAP HANA Licenses  AAFC Consent
Azure – Dev/Tst/Innovation Lab   STATS Consent
Salesforce – Relationship Management GAC Consent
Azure – Dev/Tst/Innovation Lab DND Consent