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Friday, January 17, 2020

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Opening Remarks TBS;SSC Information
TC - Known Traveler Digital Identity (KDTI) CBSA;IRCC;TC Endorsement
TBS - Reference Data set for Provinces and Territories TBS;ESDC;STATS Endorsement
ESDC - Wave 2 Contact Centre Migrations SSC;ESDC Endorsement
TBS/STATS - Drupal Reference Architecture TBS;STATS Endorsement
ESDC - Cloud Strategy ESDC Endorsement
CBSA - Case Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM - follow up) CBSA Endorsement
GAC-Virtual Mission Model (VMM) SSC;GAC Endorsement
GAC-Trade Commissioner Service Delivery Modernization, 2nd GCEARB presentation GAC Endorsement
CSPS - Minister Transition Tracker CSPS Information
TBS - Additional Window 7 and Server 2008 Exemptions (consent) TBS Exemption
TBS - Open Resource Exchange TBS Endorsement
Closing Remarks TBS;SSC Information

Friday, January 31, 2020

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Opening Remarks TBS;SSC Information
SSC - Updated Prioritization of SCED onboarding SSC Endorsement
CAS - Courts & Registry Management System (follow up) CAS Endorsement
TBS - Update on the GC Digital Identity Strategy SSC Endorsement
PS - Government Operations PS Endorsement
PSPC - Integrated Security Screening (ISST) PSPC Endorsement
CBSA - PB Cloud Migration CBSA Endorsement
TBS/CCCS - Enhancing Email Security with DMARC TBS;CCCS Endorsement
CBSA - Investing in Enterprise Capabilities at CBSA CBSA Information
ECCC - HTTPS PIN Exemption (consent) ECCC Exemption
ISC/CIRNAC - HTTPS PIN Exemption (consent) ISC Exemption
Closing Remarks TBS;SSC Information

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
LAC - Legacy Data Centre Preservation LAC Endorsement
SSC - Cloud and Internet Connectivity Gate 2 SSC Endorsement
SSC - On-premise Managed Infrastructure as a Service SSC Endorsement
DND - Cyber Defense DAR DND Endorsement
SSC - DCC Network and Security Design SSC Endorsement

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
SSC - Edge Network Modernization SSC Endorsement
SSC - ITSM Tool Project SSC Endorsement
ESDC - Youth Digital Gateway ESDC Endorsement
TBS - Financial Management Transformation Update TBS Endorsement
PSPC - SAP Moving Forward PSPC Endorsement

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
TBS - Sign In Canada TBS Endorsement