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November 14th - 2019

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Opening Remarks TBS;SSC Information
CBSA - Success Factor CBSA Endorsement
IRCC, CBSA, IRB - Asylum Modernization CBSA;IRB;IRCC Endorsement
SSC - Digital Communication and Collaborations - (AKA … The Digital Communications Program – YES Replacement Project Implementation Plan) SSC Endorsement
CFIA - Digital Services & eCertification CFIA Endorsement
CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC - Tri-Agency Gateway for Grant Management Solution NSERC;cihr Endorsement
PSPC - Phoenix 9.2 Progress Report PSPC Endorsement
ISED - Mobile Channel (NOT PRESENTING) ISED Endorsement
DFO - Ecosystem and Fisheries Management (FOLLOW UP) - Architectural updates DFO Information
Closing Remarks TBS;SSC Information

November 28th - 2019

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Opening Remarks TBS;SSC Information
TBS - Financial Management Transformation Update TBS Endorsement
VAC - Closing the Seam VAC Endorsement
VAC - Indexation for Disability Pensions VAC Endorsement
IRCC - 2020 Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship Program IRCC Endorsement
PCH - Pol.is SaaS Purchase (Lessons Learned) PCH Endorsement
CBSA - Asylum Security Screening Automation CBSA Endorsement
SSC - ITSM Tool Project SSC Endorsement
SSC - Middleware SSC Endorsement
SSC - Secure Cloud Enablement and Defense (SCED) SSC Endorsement
SSC - Enterprise Monitoring SSC Endorsement
SSC - Oracle Database Appliance and a DBaaS stategy SSC Endorsement
WLM Execution for CBSA for DC St-Laurent closure SSC;CBSA Endorsement
WLM Execution for CRA for DC St-Laurent closure CRA Endorsement
ESDC - W2K8 Server Migration Exception (consent item) ESDC Exemption
Closing Remarks TBS;SSC Information

December 12th - 2019

Item for Presentation Presenter Purpose
Opening Remarks TBS;SSC Information
TC - Known Traveler Digital Identity (KDTI) CBSA;IRCC;TC Endorsement
TBS/STATS - Drupal Reference Architecture TBS;STATS Endorsement
TBS - Reference Data set for Provinces and Territories TBS;ESDC;STATS Endorsement
TBS - Update on the GC Digital Identity Strategy SSC Endorsement
LAC - Legacy Data Centre Preservation LAC Endorsement
CAS - Courts & Registry Management System CAS Endorsement
SSC - Enterprise Mobile Device Management Evolution SSC Endorsement
CBSA - Master Data Management (MDM) CBSA Endorsement
CBSA - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) CBSA Endorsement
CBSA - Enterprise Risk Assessment Support Services (ERASS) CBSA Endorsement
PSC - Minister Transition Tracker PSC Endorsement
Closing Remarks TBS;SSC Information