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Engage, inspire and empower employees to embrace and evolve digital skills, mindset and culture

Employees can sometimes face challenges as they try to evolve their digital skills and mindset and contribute to transforming the ESDC digital culture – wanting to be more digital-savvy but not sure where to start or what tools to leverage. The Digital Workplace Taskforce (DWT) focus on ‘People’ is to fill this gap to engage and empower employees to better adapt to our changing virtual and hybrid workplace environment.

Shifting to a digital culture at ESDC requires that individuals change resulting in the transformation of entire teams and the whole organization. We contribute to ESDC’s digital transformation by providing ‘Digital Booster’ sessions. Our sessions aim to empower end-users to enable modern digital mindsets and behaviours and contribute to ESDC’s digital transformation.

We have delivered numerous Digital Boosters sessions and follow-up sessions to further engage employees who want to continue their own personal digital transformation. More than 3,500 ESDC employees have participated in our engaging, fun sessions and, our ever-growing Digital Booster Stream Channels have had over 1,000 combined views.