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M365 (Home)

Live training sessions (sub-page)


Recorded training sessions (sub-page)

Teams (sub-page)

OneNote (sub-page)

Generic Video Images

1. 3. Get your team up and running.PNG

2. 4. Go-to guide for Team owners.PNG

3. 14. Create instant meetings with Meet now.PNG

4. 18. Use the command box.PNG

5. 2. Bienvenue dans Microsoft Teams.PNG

6. 6. Présentation des équipes et des canaux.PNG

7. 8. Utiliser les canaux.PNG

8. 13. Démarrer et épingler des conversations.PNG


M365 App Logos

Microsoft Teams 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:Microsoft_Teams_256x256.png
Word 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:Word_256x256.png
Excel 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:Excel_256x256.png
OneDrive 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:OneDrive_256x256.png
OneNote 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:OneNote_256x256.png
Outlook 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:Outlook_256x256.png
PowerPoint 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:PowerPoint_256x256.png
SharePoint 256x256.png https://wiki.gccollab.ca/File:SharePoint_256x256.png