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[[File:News.png|200px|left|alt=Intro icon]]
[[File:News.png|200px|left|alt=Intro icon]]
<b>[[Media:The_OL_Connection_-_September_2021_--_La_connexion_LO_-_Septembre_2021.pdf‎| September 2021]]</b><br>  
<b>[[Media:The_OL_Connection_-_September_2021_--_La_connexion_LO_-_Septembre_2021.pdf‎| September 2021]]</b><br>  

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The OL Connection


Are you a public servant? Want to join our mailing list? Email us at OLCEInformationCELO@tbs-sct.gc.ca.


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September 2021

  • Launch of the new System for Official Languages Obligations (SOLO)
  • Bootcamp on Official Languages
  • Administrative measures
  • Guidance: Language of Work Rights while Teleworking
  • Formal consultations regarding the amendments to the Directive on the Implementation of the Official Languages Regulations
  • Linguistic Duality: A Symbol of Inclusion at the Heart of Canadian Values
  • Conference of Official Languages Champions: Summary

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April 2021

  • Amendment to the Directive on Official Languages for People Management
  • Extended: Temporary Second Language Evaluation Measures
  • Guide for Drafting Memoranda to Cabinet — Official Languages Impact Analysis
  • English and French: Towards a substantive equality of official languages in Canada

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February 2021

  • Best Practices Forum on Official Languages
  • Communications between regions: understanding your rights and responsibilities
  • Automated IT prompts on OL rights and obligations
  • Last call: Bootcamp on official languages

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December 2020

  • 2021 Best Practices Forum on Official Languages
  • Preparation for the consultation on the Directive on the implementation of Official Languages Regulations
  • Official Languages MS Teams Backgrounds
  • Bilingual Meeting Invitation Template for MS Teams

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October 2020

  • 2018-2019 Annual Report on Official Languages
  • Bilingual Meetings
  • Bootcamp on Official Languages

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August 2020

  • September 10 is Linguistic Duality Day!
  • Consultation: Official Languages (Communications with and Services to the Public) Regulations

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July 2020

  • Toolbox for the Official Languages Maturity Model (OLMM) exercise: do you have tools and best practices to share?
  • Guide on official languages and telework
  • Assessment of official languages in the appointment process
  • Contacting the Official Languages Centre of Excellence

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May 2020

  • Guide to Non-Imperative Staffing
  • Expansion of Public Service Commission measures
  • Best Practices on the promotion of English and French
  • A new COVID-19 Pandemic Lexicon