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Events and committee calendars


Linguistic Duality Day

Linguistic Duality Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of September, and gives public servants the opportunity to promote linguistic duality within their institutions.

Best Practices Forum on Official Languages

This event, which brings together the entire federal official languages community, provides participants with an opportunity to share best practices and learn about various issues and initiatives related to official languages.

Conference of Official Languages Champions

This annual conference, usually held in June, is an opportunity to learn about and discuss common approaches and recent developments in the area of official languages.

  • 2022 date to be determined
  • In 2021, the theme, “Setting the tone for official languages”, highlighted the Official Languages Champions’ role in raising awareness and ensuring official languages remain a top-of-mind issue within their organization.


Coming soon!

Departmental Advisory Committee on Official Languages

Crown Corporation Advisory Committee on Official Languages