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CSPS Digital Academy, Innovation Services - How We Work
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The way we work is loosely based on the Agile Principles and SCRUM framework. This document will be continually updated based on feedback from the sprint retrospectives.


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Product Owner

Each product/project will be assigned a product owner who will be responsible for managing the product backlog, and have final say on the direction of the product. In the absence of a product owner, this role will be fulfilled by the lead developer.

Development team

This includes anyone with the necessary skill sets to complete an increment of work as part of a sprint. This may include programmers, designers and advisors.

Lead Developer

The person who will have the final say on development decisions for the product.

Scrum Master

This person ensures the various sprint meetings happen and run efficiently. They assist the Product Owner and/or Development team to overcome obstacles during a sprint when asked. They provide mentoring, guidance and training on the Agile Principles and SCRUM framework as required.

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  • Have a defined start and end date lasting 3 weeks, ending on a Friday. When one sprint ends, the next one immediately begins.
  • It begins with a 1 hour sprint planning meeting, which includes all developers, the scrum master and product owner(s). Short planning meetings may be necessary for specific products/projects to make better use of everyone's time. These are the guidelines on the amount of effort for unplanned work during a Sprint
    • 20% for being humans (admin work, content switching, bathroom breaks, etc)
    • 15% for skills development, learning, training and R&D activities
    • 15% for special requests
  • Each day of the sprint everyone on the team posts a status update by 10 am in the team's Slack channel. A daily status update answers these questions:
    • What did I work on yesterday
    • What am I working on today
    • What do I need help with
  • At the end of the sprint a 1 hr sprint review will be held. Short review meetings may be necessary for specific products/projects to make better use of everyone's time. The sprint goals will be evaluated against the definition of done.
  • A 1 hr retrospective will be held where the development team is the only one required to attend. This will include constructive conversation around:
    • What worked this sprint
    • What didn’t work this sprint
    • What can be improved during the next sprint

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Definition of Done

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The following list details what defines an increment of work as being done. Depending on the increment of work, some or none of these will need to be completed. Any questions, ask the lead developer assigned to the Product/Project.

  • Accessibility requirements met
  • Compatible on required devices
  • Well documented code
  • Minimum required documents
  • Support plan in place
  • Automated testing passed
  • Integration review
  • Code review
  • Official Language (OL) compliance
  • Corporate branding compliance

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Tools we will use to manage our work

These are the tools we will use to manage our product and sprint backlogs, for release and/or sprint purposes, and daily tasking.

  • GitHub Issues
  • GitHub Projects
  • Trello

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