CSPS Digital Academy Innovation Services - Services d'innovation de l'Académie du numérique de L'ÉFPC

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Welcome to the home of the Digital Innovation Services (DIS) team

DIS is a unit with the Digital Academy at the Canada School of Public Service.


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Our Team Agreement

Why this team exist

We are the intersection between DA Support + R&D Experimentation + Digital-First Philosophy

Principles that guide us

Openly delivering value while treating each other (and self) excellently while having fun

What we expect from each other

Supportive, Clear, honest, open, constructive communication and information sharing while getting it done

What we can do without asking permission

Learn, be fair, do, and have a good work/home/mental balance

How we will share our work within our teammates and the rest of the organization

Open tools, frequent learning/sharing/documenting, evangelism of our work, awareness over silence